Aperol Spritz with its orange color is the most famous Spritz in the world


Aperol Spritz is the most famous Spritz in the world whose vibrant orange color lifts the mood and irresistibly reminds of summer sunsets.

The irresistible lightness of existence, for which the Italians are known, is felt in the glass of the most famous Spritz from Venice. For a perfect Spritz, you need prosecco, the famous sweet and bitter liqueur from Venice, mineral water, in a ratio of 3/2/1, served in a wine glass full of ice.
The Spritz aperitif goes perfectly with delicious snacks (such as various types of cheese and prosciutto, bruschettas, olives and dried tomatoes, which evoke the gastronomic culture of northeastern Italy). In northeastern Italy, this cocktail has a cult status.

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