Oily hair is recommended neutral shampoo of plant origin in combination with warm water

Oily hair is recommended neutral shampoo of plant origin in combination with warm water
Oily hair is heavy and without shine, but it should not be washed often because it gets oily quickly.
Oily hair is usually combined with oily skin which is the result of increased work of the sebaceous glands. It is caused by disorders of metabolic processes. Fat protects the hair by making it thick, although this is not the case with oily hair. Dry oily hair naturally or with cold air while drying with a hair dryer. The small gap between the hair and the hair dryer and the warm air dry out and damage the hair, which stimulates the secretion of sebum. Hats and caps do not allow the hair to breathe and encourage the production of sebum. Gently comb your hair and choose a quality brush that you can easily clean.
Seborrhea – it is necessary to determine the diagnosis and start treatment to remove oily hair. Seborrhea (or seborrheic dermatitis) has symptoms of dandruff and redness while the hair is heavy, thin and oily. Seborrhea is a disorder of the sebaceous glands located in the skin, which secrete increased sebum on the surface. Sebaceous glands are most active in seborrheic areas of hair, face, chest, back and skin folds. The cause of the disease is unknown. Important factors are genetic predisposition and the action of certain hormones. A disorder of the digestive system, a diet rich in fats and strong spices has a great influence. Attention should be paid to emotional stress, which significantly affects seborrhea (hard mental work, sleepless nights) and large changes in temperature. Proper care, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction can improve the condition. Preparations containing sulfur, salicylic acid are recommended, and in severe cases, contraceptives with estrogenic action and retinoic acid are useful in agreement with a dermatologist and beautician.
Warm water – it is recommended to use a neutral shampoo of plant origin in combination with warm water. Hot water stimulates the work of sebaceous glands. Shampoo with lavender extract has an antiseptic effect and helps regulate hair oil. You can wash oily hair daily, but not with aggressive agents. Choose a mild shampoo with a soothing effect. Avoid shampoos intended for babies. Such shampoos make oily hair heavier and oilier.
Gentle hair wash – products for oily hair contain natural ingredients, proteins of plant extracts (nettle, calendula, burdock) and essential oils (which have an antiseptic and refreshing effect). There are shampoos on the market with clay (for oily hair) which, like a sponge, absorbs sebum but does not harm or aggravate the hair. Acids (citric, lactic, malic) help because they regulate the work of sebaceous glands. Hair needs tenderness. Put the shampoo on the root of the hair and not the entire length of the hair. Do not rub the scalp as this stimulates the sebaceous glands. Massage the root gently for 1 minute with your fingertips. Wait a few seconds for the shampoo to work. Rinse your hair with warm water.
To remove excess fat, rinse your hair with distilled water to which you have added a little lemon juice. If you rub a tablespoon of castor oil into the scalp 2 hours before washing your hair. Then the hair will be shiny protecting the cracked ends. Boil 4 tablespoons of fine incense in 2 cups of water to remove dandruff. Put chilled tea on clean and damp hair.
To wash thin and weak hair, rinse your hair with water in which you cooked nettles (fresh or dry). The hair will be thick, soft, fluffy and without dandruff.

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