8 tips for quick cleaning makeup small bag


8 tips for quick cleaning makeup small bag
Women often carry in their bag all the small items and all the makeup they often keep in smaller makeup bags. There is no need to carry all the items, most of which are often unnecessary. Get rid of unnecessary trinkets that you don’t use during the day anyway. Carry a small makeup bag in your bag.

  1. Keep the powder at home because applying the foundation in layers is not recommended. Wear powder only if you need to remove complete makeup during the day. Instead of powder, put a blush in natural tones in a small makeup bag that can refresh your cheeks at any time. It’s definitely better than wearing powder puffs.
  2. Makeup brushes wash regularly – the eyes only need one shade that you put on your eyes that morning. You also need mascara in a small makeup bag because after repairing the eye shadow, you also need to fix the mascara on the lashes. Lipstick or lip gloss are of course essential.
  3. A small makeup bag and all the contents should be washed regularly. It is especially important to wash brushes, sponges, scissors and anything that comes in direct contact with the face. These items collect the most bacteria that can damage the skin on the face. All the impurities in the makeup bag can easily infect the face.
  4. Makeup bag should contain only items for everyday use. These are: lip gloss, blush, mascara.
  5. Clean scissors and tweezers with alcohol at least once a week. Wash brushes and sponges in warm water with a little shampoo. Allow all items to dry well.
  6. Regularly wash the traces of roses on makeup bags. Rub the inside of the makeup bag well with a sponge and a little dish detergent. Leave it to dry overnight.
  7. The motto when arranging a small makeup bag is to throw away all items that have expired and all items that you do not use at all.
  8. Practical packaging known as “two in one” is a great solution. For example, a brush with powder blush, a lip gloss that on the other hand has a pencil of the same shade or a multi-purpose stick that can be used for lips, eyelids and cheeks. Also, the makeup bag, although half empty, will still contain all the useful and necessary items


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