Dance strengthens the connections between brain cells that are reservoirs of memory

Dance strengthens the connections between brain cells that are reservoirs of memory
Dancing using a video tutorial or dance course (tango, salsa, waltz, etc.) can be a recreation. Any agile game is extremely healthy, experts claim.

  1. Pulsating in the head-brain with dancing gets more oxygen. It increases alertness and strengthens brain function. Nerve cells fail during life – according to the rules of functioning of nerve cells. Stunted parts of the brain can come to life under the influence of coordinated rhythmic movements. Dance strengthens memory, learning ability and creativity in all ages – says the German magazine “Focus”.
  2. Hormones love rhythm – with the influence of rhythmically repetitive movements, the level of serotonin in the brain also increases. Serotonin improves mood and helps people distance themselves from everyday problems. Dance also stimulates the secretion of the hormone of creativity (ACTH) in the pituitary gland, which relaxes the body and mind. People who dance regularly therefore solve problems creatively. After some time, endorphins are secreted under the influence of intense movement. It is a type of intoxicant produced by the body. That is why dance follows a state of relaxation and pleasure.
  3. Turning during the dance is healthy – the game is beneficial for muscle cells, coordination of muscle work and relaxation. Makes joints moving. Strengthens tendons and ligaments. Practicing proper posture prevents damage to the disc (intervertebral cartilage of the spine).
  4. And the heart enjoys during any dance – the circulation speeds up, the heart gets stronger depending on the load. Stronger ventilation and blood circulation in the lungs thanks to the increased supply of oxygen. Physical exertion (to which a person is exposed during dancing) has a positive effect on the cells of the defense system, which destroy intruders much faster. Enzymes are secreted and enzymes are created that burn fat – if you dance regularly and slightly increase the intensity of the dance. Dancing keeps the number of mitochondria in the cells constant, which increases the overall beard effect and concentration.


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