No self-tanning product can completely protect the skin from UV rays

No self-tanning product can completely protect the skin from UV rays
Many people feel healthier and more beautiful with tanned skin color. Dark skin color is possible all year round with new skin tanning products. All these preparations contain ingredients that nourish the skin. However, no product can completely protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  1. Face – For darker skin, use creams specifically designed for the face or legs or the whole body. These face creams are usually mild and gradually make the skin darker. By applying the cream every day for 4 days, you will have a beautiful and tanned facial skin tone. The cream intensively nourishes the skin and contains a mild dose of ingredients for darker skin.
  2. Feet – a special spray is an ideal solution for perfectly tanned feet. These spray preparations instantly give the appearance of softer dark skin, cover small imperfections, have exceptional longevity and all these are waterproof preparations.
  3. Lotions that simultaneously hydrate the skin, tighten the skin and make it darker – there are a large number of preparations on the market that tighten, hydrate and make the skin darker. Lotions are the best option. Choose lotions with natural ingredients. The skin will be supple and elastic after only a few days of use.
  4. Peeling before using self-tanning cream – do a skin peel that will remove dead cells and allow the skin to darken evenly.
  5. Use preparations that have a mild and gradual tanning effect on the skin every day.
  6. Apply the preparations in a circular motion on the body. Wait for the skin to absorb and only then put on your wardrobe.
  7. These preparations do not contain UV filters, so they are not protection against UV radiation, but only shade the outer layer of the skin.
  8. Also use shower gels and creams that prolong the effect of darker skin to preserve tanned skin.

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