4 steps of cleaning blackheads at home

4 steps of cleaning blackheads at home
It takes a lot of patience to clear blackheads on the face, but it is feasible.

  1. Remove all traces of makeup before bed-so wash your face well before bed.Wash in the morning with fresh water before applying any makeup. Thoroughly clean the epidermis at least twice a month.
  2. Dry skin collects less dust and dirt from the air than oily skin. Pores clogged with impurities prevent the skin from breathing and this sebum makes the skin supple and oily. Blackheads (blackheads) are created in the pores. Blackheads are enhanced on skin that does not have a protective layer of nourishing cream but is dusted with powder without any coating.
  3. The face should first be washed with warm water and soap – then the face should be steamed. Take a bowl of boiling water in which you put 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda (or a few drops of benzoin tincture). Put a thick towel over your head. Place your face over the steam coming out of the bowl. The pores are thus widened and the blackheads are easily squeezed out, although many blackheads come out due to the pressure of the steam.
  4. Do not squeeze blackheads with your nails – it can cause unwanted skin infections. It is best to use clean gauze or cotton wool. Squeezing should be done carefully without too much pressure so that the pores do not expand too much. After that, lightly smear the face with cotton wool dipped in pharmaceutical alcohol. Apply this procedure twice a month for an oily face. Otherwise, one month of thorough cleaning is enough to prevent blackheads.


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