6 useful tips for mothers of two-year-old kids

6 useful tips for mothers of two-year-old
Mothers always wonder if a child is advanced enough from the age of two. Here are some tips on how to behave and raise a two-year-old.

  1. The child’s body is more shaped. The child weighs about 11 to 12 kilograms and is about 80 cm tall. After the second year, the child will not grow so fast except during the spring, which of course the mother does not need to worry about. The child already has about 16 teeth. She is very accustomed to not wetting her clothes during the day, even though her pajamas are wet every morning, regardless of whether her mother has already changed her diapers during the night.
  2. A two-year-old child is already playing next to other children but generally does not participate in the game. He likes to take other children’s toys even though he is determined to keep his own toys. A child’s favorite pastime is lifting up or swinging in their arms. The child plays in bed for half an hour as soon as he wakes up. He is reluctant to sleep in the afternoon but also reluctant to get up after that break. A two-year-old child will get out of bed at least a dozen times, finding various reasons.
  3. At the age of two, the child is unusually connected to the mother he accompanies everywhere and laughs or cries with the intention of attracting attention. He constantly kisses his younger brother or sister but he can also bite or bite his younger brother or sister in a moment of anger. A two-year-old child is unbalanced and has a very changeable mood. However, a two-year-old child has his own habits in which he is uncompromising. He can hardly stand new faces and changing environments.
  4. Boys and girls from the age of 2 like mechanized toys (small train, car, dolls, etc.), modeling plastic, coloring coloring books with all 10 fingers or writing on big paper. He already uses 6 to 7 cubes to build the house. He has a safe step and can cross a slightly lowered board, he can step on a small chair, go down one step without using his hands as an aid.
  5. A two-year-old child already composes 3-word sentences but mostly in the third person. He loves color picture books and especially the already familiar animals he finds in children’s books. He loves music and dancing and even tries to sing (but wrong).
  6. A two-year-old child is extremely restless at the table and always on the move. Still, he tries to eat without anyone’s help. She’s just trying to take off or put on her clothes. He likes to help around the table or perform a small duty (for example, to bring or take an object to the next room, provided that the object is recognizable). A two-year-old child is already trying to imitate an adult, so he likes to bathe in the bathtub by rubbing his body with a bath sponge (again without his mother’s or anyone else’s help).

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