A visit to Brugge is a return to the past because of the beautiful old buildings and structures


A visit to Brugge is a return to the past because of the beautiful old buildings and structures
The medieval Belgian city of Brugge is one of the best preserved cities from this time period. The scene is fabulous where the visitor can see beautifully and harmoniously arranged tree lines and canals, which is why the city is called “Venice of the North”. The streets are winding and with a lot of cobblestones on which the roar of horses pulling carriages echoes. Many shops with the famous Belgian chocolate and pralines have charming shop windows and the smell of cocoa spreads from the shops. Brugge is located in the northwest of Belgium in the region of Glandria (province of West Flanders). The historic city center is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city of Brugge was named after the canals surrounding the city and the Old Norse word “Brugja” (coast). Today, the city has over 120,000 inhabitants and in the narrower part over 20,000 people. Brugge is a favorite tourist location due to the preserved architecture and charm of the picturesque facades. More than 80 bridges will make it easier to walk and explore this trading city. A rented bicycle can also be used for the same purpose. Sightseeing of the city is complete with small boats that give the opportunity to see the city from the water. A half-hour ride from March to November is about 7 euros. A carriage can also be rented for visitors who can pay a higher price.
Brugge is one of the few European cities that has not been bombed
Therefore, the city has retained its former appearance. Sightseeing mainly starts from the main town square – Grotte Markt, a former shopping center. There is a symbol of the city – the medieval tower Belfort 83 meters high with a bell tower which today has 47 bells and an imperial clock mechanism. It used to serve as a treasury and city archives, but also for observing possible fires and other dangers. The ringing of bells can be heard on Sundays. For people who want to climb to the top of the tower they need to cross 366 steps but from the top of the tower they will have a beautiful panorama of the whole of Brugge. It is advisable to visit the Historium Museum (on the Grotte Markt) especially for families with small children. A walk through the museum gives the opportunity for the visitor to feel the life and spirit of the Middle Ages through various interactive contents. The Church of the Mother of God has a brick tower 122 meters high. A ticket to visit the church costs about 2 euros. One can see the marble sculpture of the Madonna by Michelangelo created in 1501-1504. This sculpture is believed to be the only one that left Italy during Michelangelo’s lifetime. The Basilica of the Holy Blood is also a recommended place to visit. In the Basilica is a relic of the Holy Blood from the Second Crusade which is believed to contain a few drops of Christ’s blood. According to tradition, the relic was brought by Dereck from Alzea after receiving the relic in 1150 in the Holy State. On Burg Square is the Town Hall built between 1376 and 1420. It is one of the first monumentally built townhouses in Belgium. At the front are 6 Gothic-style windows surrounded by 48 statues that are royal and biblical figures.
The city has more than 50 shops with pralines and chocolate and famous Belgian waffles. Also look for the “handmade” label, which says that the chocolate is handmade according to a traditional Belgian recipe. The city also has a Chocolate Museum where visitors can learn about the history of chocolate from its origins and the ancient Maya to the Spanish conquistadors and the final tasting. In the city you can also choose from 1000 different types of beer with various additives. Even non-beer lovers here can enjoy tasting some of the drinks offered. If you don’t have a travel plan for sightseeing, then just indulge in the winding streets and enjoy the compact architecture of the beautiful and charming city of Bruges.



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