From the basket of balloons can be seen mighty natural sculptures in Cappadoccia

In Kapadoccia from the basket of balloons can be seen mighty natural sculptures
For tourists visiting Turkey and the famous Cappadocia, ballooning is one of the possibilities to see these natural sculptures from the air. Volcano Eresijez Dagija about 10 million years ago with the help of 2 smaller volcanoes changed his personal description (and made a carom) of the Cappadocian relief, ie the area near the Kaiser. Geologists and other insiders insist on the contribution of 2 more neighboring mountains (Hasan and Melendiz), although the area was once surrounded by lava, stones and sand. Soft porous stones eventually gave in to erosion, while water, penetrating the rocks, made shackles and bows, and the wind made a personal contribution. This ambience full of unusual rocks and depressions was once created for the filming of “Star Wars” and the adventure of “Indiana Jones”, while today curious travelers watch it from the air. Ballooning is about 250 Euros per person (Kaia Kapadokica Balloons) Getting up is early dawn around 4 in the morning because then the view from 600-700 meters altitude is the most beautiful. The crew usually consists of about 20 tourists and a pilot. It flies for half an hour to 700 meters and more depending on the wind speed. Tourists get tea, coffee and muffins before the flight while pilots / technicians blow air into balloons (and huge colorful balls are still lying on the ground) preparing to fly.
The principle of boarding the basket is that the tourist jumps, jumps over the fence and jumps into the balloon

Then it is necessary to sign a paper so that passengers fly at their own risk. There are also photographers who take pictures of the whole scene which they later charge by giving tourists photos. From gas cylinders with an object similar to a gun (from which fuel is poured at the pump), the pilot blows a flame into the opening of the balloon, so the balloon separates from the ground. The most important thing is that the balloon catches the direction, so the pilot is in constant contact with other pilots in other balloons to adjust their speed and be far enough away from each other for safety. There are a lot of companies in Turkey that offer hot air balloon rides. One balloon costs about 130,000 euros on the market. Depending on the fare, there are standard, private, deluxe and comfort balloon flights. Today, there are baskets with high security balloons, ie lined with special materials. It flies from April to October, but due to the heat, only in April and October, a balloon can be lifted in the morning and in the evening to watch the sunset and sunrise.
Cappadocia is a region of approximately 70 square kilometers between the present-day cities of Urgup in the east and Avanos in the north

The highest point in the region is Ucisar. She got a name for the Iranian people (Cappadocians). This part of Turkey is first mentioned in the 6th century BC in large trilingual inscriptions of two Persian rulers – Darius the Great and Xerxes I. In the inscriptions it is mentioned as Katpatuka which in Persian is “the state of beautiful horses”. Cappadocia did not seem to exist (no drawings, records or even legends) before it became a Persian province. Only modern scientific research is how these enigmatic landscapes were formed. They can be reached from Kaiserij where planes land and after 70 km by bus on excellent roads. When the balloon lands on the ground, then the vans are waiting (whose drivers grab the thick ropes and pull the basket to hit the ground). The pilot is even given certificates by the pilot (the name of the tourist is copied from the paper at the beginning of the report) upon landing as proof of the flight over Cappadocia. The pilot invites everyone on the team to receive a diploma. The mini-bus again takes passengers to the beginning of the trip to the accommodation facilities / catacombs in accordance with the whole area.

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