6 items that lead to abundance and wealth

6 items that lead to abundance and wealth
The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui considers red to be a color that attracts abundance and wealth in the home and good health. Red is a fiery color and a fiery element, but also a powerful symbol of prosperity and progress. There are 6 elements to have and keep throughout the year.

  1. The red wallet-new wallet symbolizes that a person is ready to receive new prosperity (material and spiritual) and have it throughout the year. Red attracts those good vibes.
  2. Red clothes – Feng Shui philosophers believe that a person with red clothes should spend as much time as possible. It can be any garment or jewelry.
  3. Red shoes – this item is always associated with walking in better situations, time, age.
  4. Big bag-this fashion detail means that a person expects a lot of good events to fit in a big XXL bag.
  5. The new clock symbolizes the movement of the individual forward. Buying a new watch means positive chi energy, even if the watch was the cheapest and most common model.
  6. Gold Jewelry- With discreet gold jewelry it also attracts positive energy and abundance to all the household.


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