8 symbols that announce the influx of money into your home

8 symbols that announce the influx of money into your home
There are some small signals in everyday human lives that indicate the inflow of money into the home and well-being.

  1. Number 8- this symmetrical number is a symbol of happiness that symbolizes balance. Maybe that’s why houses at number 8 are more in demand than other houses.
  2. Clearly defined day-Feng Shui says that receiving money on a certain day-calls more money to life. It is best to receive money every First of the month or volume of the Full Moon.
  3. Insects in the home – especially brown insects (spiders and grasshoppers) symbolize money and happiness. That’s why some people are pets.
  4. Bubbles in a cup of coffee – if bubbles are present in your cup of coffee – it means great happiness.
  5. Keep small coins in the home-coins in a jar in the kitchen because they attract more money into the home. Feng shui philosophy says that you can also place coins with coins everywhere in the home to attract well-being.
  6. Sudden encounter with a bird – if a bird lands on your window then it is a symbol of great happiness. Or if a bird defecates on your head – it means you have a lot of money waiting for you.
  7. There is something strange in the spider web – if you see letters or initials of the name written in the spider web, then it is a great sign that symbolizes the influx of money.
  8. Pregnant women – Feng Shui believes that pregnant women – bring great happiness in the stomach. Some people say they got big money because they were close to a pregnant woman.

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