Dreams are generally a copy of reality and real events

Dreams are generally a copy of reality and real events
Many scientists agree that dreams are a copy of reality and real events because people spend a lot of time sleeping. Sleeping with dreams is considered an alternative reality, but the symbols in dreams can very well affect human life. People act consciously during the day, making life choices while the subconscious is in full swing during the night. Dream is a complex psychological phenomenon. It expresses a more complex and altered picture of human consciousness in which conscious and unconscious contents are mixed. Neither the body nor the mind is completely inactive during sleep.
Six common and important scenarios that often occur in dreams:

  1. Flying – dreams of flying mean power or problems with self-confidence. The key moment at the beginning of these dreams is when taking off. Flying means freedom beyond human capabilities. When flying, an individual realizes his own sense of power (or powerlessness or lack of sense of power). Flying can reveal a state of mind. A smooth take-off is a symbol of something positive while a fall signifies moral doubts. Flying is the possibility of astral travel in the mystical belief system (travel to real locations during sleep).
  2. Food-food in dreams means food for the soul or expresses unfulfilled desires. An individual often tries to fulfill desires in dreams and food is the first choice of most people. Each food may have a different meaning depending on the color and shape. Walnut is a symbol of mental abilities while mango symbolizes sexual desire.
  3. Escape-an indicator of fear and anxiety in reality is persecution in dreams. The sleeper is vulnerable and sensitive in something, so it is likely to have physical threats in real life. The way a person in a dream deals with a persecutor is the way that person copes with stress and problems in everyday life. Persecution is also a symbol of conflict avoidance but can be a tool. Changing roles in the dream and dealing with the persecutor will help the person cope more easily with difficult situations in reality. If a person is his own pursuer in dreams it means that he is forcing himself to face his own fears.
  4. Symbolistic objects (cross, unicorn, deity, etc.) signify the pursuit of faith in spirituality and a higher power. The object is placed in the dream as a marking sign to remind the person that he is looking for a deeper meaning. Probably someone is hiding something from you that a person feels in a dream and gives a special meaning to the unknown. A person does so because he feels that there is a secret and the one who keeps the secret silent has power over the individual. In spiritual traditions, sacred objects mean a spiritual message that shows destiny.
  5. Nudity – this is a very common term in dreams with several meanings that depend on the current situation of the individual. Clothing generally symbolizes hiding because humans are the only living beings that hide the body. If others are trained in their sleep, it means that you are vulnerable and in need of acceptance. Being naked in dreams means that the person has a secret he does not want to tell others. Or that a person wants to be the center of attention in a social environment.
  6. Animals – Animals are generally part of a person or fears and hopes. To dream of a wild animal means a connection with an untamed and subconscious part of the personality. Domestic animal means conscience and reason. There are many cultures that believe that the animal in dreams signifies (like a totem) the soul of the individual-animal that best suits the character. They believe that an individual can learn to follow an animal (totem) in a dream to discover the truth about his own personality. An animal that speaks means hidden knowledge that cannot be reached in the usual ways.


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