Watching fish in the aquarium reduces stress and lowers blood pressure

Watching fish in the aquarium reduces stress and lowers blood pressure
Many people constantly write about stress because it is the biggest enemy of health and a common cause of many health problems. Most people today are more or less exposed to everyday stress. Prolonged stress reduces the quality of life and is a trigger for various ailments. That is why it is important to choose any activity that will help reduce stress and anxiety, psychologists say.

  1. Dance- Any type of dance solves stress. Recreational or home dance (using youtube tutorials) are great options for relieving stress. Pennsylvania State University finds that dancing and other forms of exercise reduce stress. Dance releases endorphins (happiness hormones) which make the body and mind feel better and healthier. Enter a course in rumba, salsa, samba or some other dance.
  2. Art releases tension – sculpting, painting, drawing, assembling mosaics and any kind of art releases tension. These hobbies relieve stress — confirms research from The Harvard University. And here youtube tutorials give a lot of help.
  3. Writing – this is a stress-relieving hobby. Writing blog articles, posting, keeping records, writing diaries, writing short stories and the like is a great choice that solves stress. Harvard scientists have discovered that keeping records and writing about one’s emotions relieves stress. The writing technique is to write continuously for 10 to 15 minutes. The person feels much better after that.
  4. Photography – the brain rests if a person focuses by zooming in on the area in front. Amateur photographers do not need any professional equipment. Just have any camera or cell phone with a camera. Looking at the sky and beautiful natural landscapes and taking photos gives a feeling of calm and happiness. Lancaster University says that daily photography strengthens the mood. The person then finds meaning in the little things and searches for details and spends a lot of time outdoors — all of which helps reduce stress.
  5. Knitting – this is a meditative hobby. Everyday knitting reduces stress and gives a feeling of happiness, says a study from the British Journal of Occupational Therapy. The relationship between the frequency of knitting and the feeling of calm and happiness has been proven. Use youtube tutorials to learn to knit.
  6. Aquarium – Observing fish in an aquarium has many health benefits including lowering blood pressure and relieving stress. Maintaining an aquarium with fish is a great hobby for people of all generations and children. It requires a little attention. It gives the aquarium owner a unique opportunity to help sustain other aquatic life. It has the potential to connect aquarium owners with other fish owners and lovers.


  1. 👍🏻 I too love to watch fishes in the aquarium. You know Amela animals have more sharp brains and it recognises the person who is genuinely has affection. When you put touch the aquarium glass it comes to you when it knows us, otherwise moves far from us.😊

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