How to properly deeply clean the face at home (for all age groups)

How to properly deeply clean the face at home (for all age groups)
Even healthy and normal skin can become problematic over time, oily or dry or very sensitive to weather, lifestyle and diet, and various external influences. Use products that effectively and gently cleanse and nourish the skin to get normal skin in the end. Cleansing involves the use of peeling gel, foam gel and tonic. After cleansing, skin care includes a cream for a certain skin type, a face mask, possibly an anti-acne concealer and possibly special care with an antibacterial stick in accordance with the skin type.

  1. Peeling gel – used to remove dead cells and impurities from the surface of the face. Stimulates circulation and removes excess fat. Mild foaming herbal remedies remove impurities. Mint and calendula teas will give the skin a feeling of freshness. The gel is applied to a damp face and rubbed lightly until foam appears. Rinse your face.
  2. Gel foam for cleansing the face – use preparations with mild herbal ingredients that will remove grease and any makeup residue. Herbal glycerin prevents the loss of moisture and dry skin. Always apply the foam to a damp face in gentle circular motions. Rinse with warm water.
  3. Face tonic – open pores are additionally cleaned and rinsed if a person wants to use a mild herbal tonic. Tonic with sage, rosemary or mint stimulates circulation, disinfects and refreshes tired facial skin.
  4. Creams – you can buy or make homemade creams at home in accordance with the type of skin. Choose witch hazel, marshmallow, chamomile to restore the hydrolipid balance of the skin and get a nice matte skin look. Witch hazel is also good for combination skin. Youthful skin is more prone to hormonal changes that cause increased sebum secretion. Enlarged pores usually close, which prevents the skin from breathing and the normal flow of sebum. Additional bacterial infection leads to the formation of light or dark spots on the face. Choose a mild care and cleaning agent.
  5. Antibacterial stick preparations – these are herbal concentrates that are applied directly to the skin (acne) in order to dry out acne and prevent inflammatory skin conditions. Mild and effective herbal mixtures (sage, mint, calendula, rosemary, lichen barbata, etc.) in combination with pure organic alcohol do not irritate the skin but have an antibacterial effect. Apply several times a day directly on acne.
  6. Acne Concealer – Choose concealers with natural ingredients that usually have a healing effect against acne, pimples and blemishes on the face. Simply apply concealer to the problem area and remove the excess from the edges.
  7. Deep cleansing face masks – oily and combination skin requires occasional deep facial cleansing (which is achieved by using face masks). Choose mild herbal ingredients that cleanse and hydrate the skin. The mask is applied to clean skin and lasts about 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

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