Tapping your face at home drives anger and nervousness

Tapping your face at home drives anger and nervousness
Facial tapping is a new anti-stress technique in energy medicine. It is considered an effective method of quickly removing anger and nervousness. It can be done regularly and at home. Alternative medicine offers many ways to get rid of stress, various emotional and mental blockages. Various types of massages, acupuncture, acupressure are also used to achieve balance of body and mind. The “face tapping” technique is a newer method of tapping certain acupuncture points.
Experience says that tapping achieves better results than pressure (which is applied with massage or acupressure) – say acupuncturists and physical medicine specialists. Tapping produces a stronger vibration and moves energy more easily in the body. The tapping technique was devised in 1993 by Robert Callahan, a clinical psychologist and acupuncturist. The original name was the theory of thought fields. This method was later simplified so that anyone could do it.
The technique is simple and completely safe and therefore suitable for children. Tapping removes tension, anxiety and nervousness, and relieves fear and anxiety (which occurs before a public appearance or exam in schools). In case of serious emotional problems (depression and phobia), it is necessary for the therapist to apply the technique to the patient.
Tapping treatment at home includes:

  1. An important part of the tapping technique is focusing on the problem that is bothering the person. The user of the technique should repeat a specific sentence (which contains a correctly formulated problem) while the technique is being applied. For example, the user wants to relieve anxiety before an exam or an important meeting. Then the sentence would be “Even though I’m nervous, I love and accept myself.” The second part is always the same, only the wording of the problem changes “Even though I’m angry, sad, even though my knee hurts – I love and accept myself.”
  2. It is necessary to monitor the change of energy in the body in addition to these mental stimulations. Depending on where the energy block is, then changes can be felt in the body (fingers tingling, tightness in the throat, pierced below the right costal arch – where the liver and bile are).
  3. A second round of tapping may be performed after the above acupuncture points have been tapped and after a deep inhale and exhale. The treatment usually lasts between 10 and 15 minutes or a little over an hour maximum.
  4. Tapping is done with 3 fingers. Each point is tapped 3 times, always saying a sentence that contains the formulation of an emotional or mental problem. It starts from the so-called karate point which is on the outer edge of the palm. Points above the eyebrows, next to and under the eyes, between the nose and lips, under the chin, under the collarbone to the sternum are treated.
  5. The tapping continues towards the points under the armpits which are located approximately a palm below the armpit pit. Then move on to the points below the chest, then to the acupuncture points of the fist. Fingers are tapped near the nail, on the thumb, forefinger, middle and little finger. The treatment ends at the starting “karate” point.

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