Use the famous Mayo Clinic test to check your knowledge about high blood pressure

Use the famous non-profit Mayo Clinic test to check your knowledge about high blood pressure
This test can be done at home. Use the well-known test of the American Mayo Clinic to test your knowledge of blood pressure and find out useful news.

  1. Pressure can be kept under control only with medication. Wrong medications are important in the treatment of high blood pressure but a healthy diet is also extremely important. This means eating fruits and vegetables and avoiding foods rich in animal fats.
  2. Excessive use of table salt should be avoided in the treatment of hypertension. True – the intake of large amounts of salt (rich in sodium) in some people can cause a jump in blood pressure. The World Health Organization recommends reducing sodium intake to 2.3 grams. This means that the daily intake of salt is one small spoon of salt. Herbs are a better solution than salt intake. For example, thyme, sage, basil and chili powder give dishes a rich taste and do not increase blood pressure.
  3. Measuring blood pressure at home is a good way to control blood pressure. That’s right – if you measure blood pressure at home (between medical check-ups), then you can give your doctor valuable information about the effect of prescribed medications. Write down the results of the measurements and give them to the doctor. It is important to measure the pressure always with the same apparatus.
  4. It is good to avoid smoking and consuming caffeinated beverages before measuring blood pressure. True – Avoid coffee, cigarettes and caffeinated beverages for at least half an hour before measuring blood pressure to measure the correct value. It is recommended to empty the bladder and sit still for 5 minutes before measuring blood pressure.
  5. The person should exercise for at least 60 minutes to lower blood pressure. Wrong-even 30 minutes of exercise (moderate physical activity) at least 4 times a week helps prevent hypertension or keep existing blood pressure under control. Divide exercise time into shorter intervals of 10 minutes if continuous exercise is strenuous. A short walk after a meal is enough.
  6. Alcohol increases blood pressure. True-alcohol increases blood pressure even in a completely healthy person. The effect of small amounts of alcohol is often mentioned. Therefore, one should be moderate with alcohol. One strong drink for women and 2 strong drinks for men will be enough. Alcohol also damages the liver, heart and brain.
  7. Avoiding stressful situations reduces pressure. False research has not confirmed that avoiding stress directly affects the reduction of blood pressure. However, stressful situations can cause a short-term jump in pressure, which can cause many diseases if it happens often.
  8. With adequate therapy, hypertension can be cured. Wrong-Medications lower blood pressure but cannot cure high blood pressure. A patient with high blood pressure will use the medication for life to keep blood pressure within normal limits.

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