5 minutes of free exercises to preserve the health of the whole organism

5 minutes of free exercises to preserve the health of the whole organism
People today are more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle even though many people often say they don’t have enough time. There are 10 small free activities that can be done daily and in just 5 minutes.

  1. Using stairs instead of strenuous climbing-Stairs are a great trainer that gives a slim figure and strengthens the cardiovascular system (although climbing stairs can be strenuous id long-lasting and cause shortness of breath). However, going down the stairs is equally useful, easy and efficient. It loads the muscles of the thighs and the back of the back and burns calories.
  2. Hold your breath often – holding your breath is an element of respiratory gymnastics. It contributes to better cell maintenance, activates metabolic processes – and as a result, the body is filled with energy. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale the air from your lungs and hold your breath for one minute.
  3. Mouthwash with sea water prevents many diseases – you can make seawater at home. Melt one tablespoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water. Rinse throat and mouth daily with the resulting solution. Sea salt enriches the body with useful components. Iodized salt can be used if you do not have sea salt.
  4. Drink lemonade – it is useful to drink lemon juice diluted with water in the morning on an empty stomach. Squeeze one lemon into a glass of colder water. The drink helps expel toxins from the body, strengthens weakened immunity, improves digestion and gives the body vitamins and minerals. It establishes the acid-base balance, more precisely it makes the organism basic (which is important because the cause of most diseases is the acidic environment in the organism).
  5. Exercise “cat” against back pain-this is a useful exercise for people who have pain in the lower back. The starting position is for the person to lean on the floor with their arms and legs. Spine advice as much as possible. Move the pelvis smoothly and in a circle: up and down, left and right. Keep practicing for a few minutes.
  6. Put a pen in your mouth if you have fatigue in your back and neck muscles — most people spend the day working in front of a computer. The sitting position is unnatural for the spine, so the person has pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Put a pencil in your mouth and write letters, a few words, or phrases in the air. The person will feel relaxed as the tension disappears.
  7. Eat raw fruits and vegetables – it is recommended to eat 300 to 500 grams of fruits and vegetables every day. People who use a balanced diet and eat plant fiber do not have problems with digestion.
  8. Feed through the mouth and body – human skin has the ability to swallow a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. Apply honey and olive oil on the body as all the good components will reach the deep layers of the skin. It will have a great nourishing effect. Do this regularly.
  9. Carry the book on your head for proper posture – lean your back against the wall so that your shoulders touch the wall. Stay in the same position but separate from the wall. Put the book on your head. Walk around the room for a few minutes a day trying to keep your back straight.
  10. Ear massage – on the surface of the earlobes there are 170 biologically active points connected with the organism. For example, the earlobe has the ability to transmit signals to the brain. Regular ear massage activates the work of the heart, liver, stomach, lungs, thyroid gland and other organs.

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