A pendulum or lead is a phenomenon beneficial to health

A pendulum or lead is a phenomenon beneficial to health
All people in the world have situations where they are happy to seek the advice of more experienced people to find a solution more easily. The ideal counselor, however, does not exist. But a simple (manual or factory) pendulum can offer some solutions. A pendulum is one of the ancient ways of man’s address to the world around us. The pendulum is not any magic but any thought (or emotion) is actually a vibrating energy. A pendulum is a researcher and advisor who gives hope to people.

  1. Ancient accessories – a pendant is a thread or thin rope with a tied load. A carpenter’s nail or a stick of a similar shape shortened to about 4 cm (with a pointed tip) is most often used. A double thread or a thin chain 12-18 cm long is placed on that weight. And, the tool is done. A pendulum is an apparatus that shows the result of a measurement. Man is the sensory element of the excess or the receiver of the excess. A pendulum shows the reactions of the body and nervous system to subtle vibrations (inaccessible to human consciousness) in the body.
  2. Mode of operation – work with excess is performed at the level of the subconscious, which knows more than human consciousness and reason. By moving the pendulum answers the question asked. Movement can be in 4 directions (towards the person working with the vise,, left-right, clockwise and counterclockwise). According to the rules, the vertical movement of the vise is “yes”, while the horizontal movement of the answer is “no”, the movement of the vise to the left means “I can’t answer”, and the movement to the right means “I don’t want to answer”. Every radiologist actually has personal explanations regarding the movement of the excess. Explanations are given before starting to work with the surplus by asking the surplus questions.
  3. A pendulum knows the answers to people’s questions- a pendulum is no magic but any thought (or emotion) is actually a vibrating energy. In general, everything in the world is vibrating energy and people are literally swimming in an ocean of energy – say dowsers. Every being, every object and even a motionless rock emits energy of a certain frequency. A person with the help of a pendulum can influence these energies in accordance with the needs of the person. These subtle nervous excitements and moving impulses are transmitted to the pendulum via the hands and fingers. So they push the pendulum in a certain direction. The pendulum swings the information (otherwise inaccessible to human reason, which is perceived by the dowser) into tangible and visible movements. No special knowledge is required to work with the surplus. Using a surplus allows you to discover something new and healthy.
  4. Working with a vise does not require special knowledge – a person should sit straight on a table with a straight back. Place your feet so that your soles are in contact with the floor. The legs must not be crossed. Relax your body and shoulders. Place your elbows on the table shifting the tension to your back. The hand in which the pendulum is held should not tremble. The collected energy should flow freely through the body. Be at the same time careful and relaxed when measuring. A thread of whiskey is held with the thumb and forefinger. Take a deep breath and shake your hand a few times if you feel that you can no longer hold the pendulum in that position.
  5. The person holding the pendulum should ask the question pendulum – the pendulum should give answers with “day” and “no”. Keep in mind that the movement of the excess will not start immediately. And spiritual strength takes time. Wait a few seconds. One can whisper softly or repeat the question in one’s mind for better concentration. Do not rush the pendulum. Keep an inner focus — and the answer will come — also don’t force a surplus because it gives the wrong answer and blocks energy. Ask a control question if you doubt the answer (the question is: Is this answer correct?). Or better prepare and take the measurement again. The amplitude of the excess can be from a few millimeters to 5 and more centimeters.

photo: http://www.kupindo.com

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