Glasses should have the appropriate shape for full aroma of wine

For full aroma of wine and glasses should have the appropriate shape
The atmosphere, pleasant company, beautifully arranged table, flowers and candles will certainly complete the enjoyment of sips of divine nectar-wine. Wine glasses should be chosen carefully because the final impression depends on the glasses, in which even top quality wine can sometimes be boring. Good wine connoisseurs say that each person can choose the right shape of wine glass because the same wine in different glasses has a different effect.
And the horn once used to be a wine glass
Ox horns were used as wine glasses in ancient Egypt and Persia, ie before invention glass. The Greeks drank wine from shells and the Romans were the first to use glass glasses. Every wine needs a different glass for a fuller taste. This is how glasses suitable for white, rosé and rosé wines differ from glasses for “heavy” red wines. So there are glasses for Rhine, Burgundy, Bordeaux wines and glasses for port, sparkling wines and the like. Well-known glass producers invite oenologists to help create the shape and size of individual wines. There are the world’s leading wine companies as well as in the world of fashion. The names Riedel, Bauscher, Bormioli, Rocco, Schott and the like are known here. There are some differences although manufacturers do not deviate from the standard. Inspirations for designing wine bottles are found in different places. The series of glasses called “excelsior” was created due to the inventiveness of the designer who connected the appearance of individual flowers (peony, tulip, poppy or rose) with the possible appearance of the glass. The events went too far that a competition was announced in Italy for the selection of the “ideal breast”, according to which a glass for prestigious sparkling wines will be created.
The handle is also important
The first prerequisite for a good wine glass is a crystal glass (or a glass made of colorless glass) without decorations. The walls need to be thin because people then drink the wine more carefully. A glass made of thick glass transfers heat to the wine, which is not desirable. The base of the glass should give the glass stability. The handle should be elegant, harmonious and lie comfortably between the fingers, and at the same time long enough for unobstructed holding. The long handle reduces the possibility of warming the wine due to the touch of the hands and allows better perception of the color and clarity of the wine. The body of the glass can be of various shapes and volumes, which also depends on the type of wine we use.

White wine glasses are most often tulip-shaped
They have smaller volumes than red wine glasses because white wine is drunk cold and smaller amounts are drunk until the wine is warmed. White wine glasses are usually narrower and in the upper part compared to red wine glasses that have the shape of a rounded ball. Glasses that narrow more at the top concentrate more fragrant substances, reduce contact with oxygen and reduce the loss of carbon dioxide. The upper edge of the glass should be rounded and pleasant to the lips when drinking or tasting wine.
The wine in the glass both breathes and smells so there needs to be room
The shoulder of the glass is the widest part to which the wine is poured. White wines are poured a little more than half a glass and red less than half a glass because the aroma of red wine needs more space. The exception is champagne glasses, which are poured to the top with sparkling wine to enjoy the bubbles of sharp taste. Theoretically, about 60 different glasses are needed. However, expert advice says that every household should have 2 types of glasses for white wine, one type of glasses for red wine and one type of glasses for champagne. Wide glasses for sparkling wines are no longer relevant.

Drinking wine should be enjoyed lightly, devotedly and with style. Wine should be drunk in small sips and thirst quenched with water. The glass is held by the leg (handle) and not by the body because a dull sound will be heard during the toast instead of a nice and sonorous sound. The search for a good wine glass is useful because it will delight the hands, eyes, nose and palate, and when knocking over wine glasses, it will also delight the ears.

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