Flowers are always a current fashion detail for all generations

Flowers are always a current fashion detail for all generations
Both women and men love fashion although each person loves and follows fashion in their own way. Women are weaker on lace, jewelry and silk and especially on the beauty of flowers. And current fashion events are always happy to pique with women’s weaknesses and offer a unique style in which all affinities are combined.
The flower and patterns with flowers as a motif (on many parts of clothing and garments) are a direct consequence of the fashion style of the 50s of the last century. To emphasize feminine attributes, it was characterized in the 20th century by a line that emphasizes the contours of the female body, colors that bring seduction and materials that blend with smooth silky skin emphasizing the whiteness of the skin. Silk and lace were an indispensable accessory and a way to fight for a glamorous feline look. The flower was even then used as an inescapable fashion detail. Today, the emphasis has shifted from a single flower to flower patterns used unexpectedly almost shockingly and combined with all materials which carries the risk of easily achieving a kitschy shape.
Today, it is also a matter of personal taste of the individual in which ways he will combine the basic wardrobe, although there are some basic rules.

  1. Lace, sequins, beads, screaming colors in combination with floral patterns should be used skillfully and wisely. Such details should be soothed by other pieces of clothing that should be solid in color. There is often a fine line between the perfect fashion combination and kitsch. Each person should have some personal fashion style of dressing.
  2. If an individual has a favorite color then let that color be the base color in fashion combinations. Fashionable floral designs should be on only one or a maximum of two details.
  3. Balance is important when combining a jacket and for example a floral pattern dress with shoes and handbags. The dress should definitely be one color if the shoes and the coat that goes over the dress are decorated with some flowers.
  4. Everything else from the fashion combination should be one-color if the shoes or bag are striking (floral, lace, with satin or plush bows, with sequins, various patterns, colorful stones, etc.). Shoes are sometimes so rich that they can be jewelry. Plush shoes decorated with bows and rhinestone flowers are already striking enough to combine with a simple and modest dress to make a striking outfit.
  5. People sometimes need to be both creative and give personal details a personal touch. For example, from the floral pattern from which the dress is made, you can make a large flower (with a little imagination) that will turn ordinary shoes into a unique item of clothing. Such a flower can be placed on a bag. It’s even better to have a few smaller flowers nonchalantly scattered across a few pieces of clothing.
  6. Fashion with flowers is great in emphasizing the characteristic female nature (tenderness, femininity, warmth, inclination towards aesthetics, etc.). Such fashion is universal and suitable for all age groups.
  7. Some mature women of built fashion taste will always use only detail from fashion. Girls who want to emphasize their own femininity can be bolder. So, even in combination with your favorite jeans, blouse, shoes and a floral pattern bag (with plush or satin details), it will look very harmonious.
  8. Flowers are widely present in jewelry, especially expensive jewelry. Still, eye-catching jewelry requires a simple dress (or costume) as a base. Girls like it better if the flowers of the jewelry (or the decorative flowers on the shoes) are not in perfect symmetry which is in keeping with the nature on which the flowers grow — here and there and everywhere a bit.
  9. Clothes with flower patterns are attractive to the eye and reminiscent of nature. Perfumes (or eau de toilette) with flowers or a few floral notes also contribute to this.
  10. Floral variants are a frequent inspiration for the world’s leading fashion designers (Cesare Piaccoti, Kenzo, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli, Rocco Barocco). Flowers are beautiful and a part of nature and may they always be an eternal inspiration to all people on the planet


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