Hair needs preventive care to preserve its shine and density

Hair needs preventive care so that it does not lose its shine and density
Hair is one of the most important measures of beauty and attractiveness because it emphasizes the face. The quality and care of hair speaks to a person’s vitality as well as facial behavior and expression. The hair should therefore be protected so that it does not lose its shine and lushness.
Healthy hair is an integral part of a healthy body, say dermatovenerologists. Hair is constantly exposed to various climatic factors and environmental influences (air pollution, sun exposure, dry air from air conditioners and heating). This leads to changes in the hair shaft and hair damage which is most pronounced at the ends of the hair. As a result, hair follicles become lighter and often fall out.
Hair consists of keratin (a protein produced by mitotically active cells at the base of the hair follicle, located close to the surface of the dermis). Any effect on the hair has a negative effect (which causes an inadequate blood supply to the hair). Changes in hair structure can be genetic or caused by infection, trauma or eating disorders.
Transient growth of completely white hair may occur due to vitamin B12 deficiency
A protein-reduced diet (due to rigorous diets for weight loss) gives hair a lifeless look and a different color (because the hair becomes lighter so black becomes brown or red, and brown becomes blue). Similar changes are due to anemia (due to iron deficiency) or if the food does not get enough copper (necessary in the production of melanin that gives hair color). Transient growth of completely white hair may occur due to vitamin B12 deficiency.
Hair is damaged by exposure to various chemical and physical factors (permanent curling, coloring, bleaching, straightening curls). One of the more serious damages is the consequence of bleaching the hair with hydrogen peroxide in combination with blanching to achieve an extremely light color. The hair becomes dry, porous and easily brittle after such a treatment. It becomes sensitive to washing, heat and cold.

Hair should be washed no more than 3 to 4 times a week
Daily shampooing reduces the amount of natural oils on the scalp. The hair is losing its shine. Dyeing is not harmful but is not recommended for people who have previously treated their hair with a mini-wave hairstyle. Healthy hair that lacks volume after coloring can become lush and thick.
Occasionally you just need to take a break between coloring your hair to let your hair rest.
It is desirable to dry the hair naturally in accordance with other life obligations. The hair dryer should always be kept away from the hair and as far away as possible. Excessive brushing of hair, especially curly hair, is not desirable. It is desirable to use a brush with natural bristles.
Hair balm is used in moderation, say hairdressers
Strengthening agents can be used to improve the shine and quality of hair. These preparations restore the natural physical properties of weakened keratin. Hair without natural volume can look sticky so the balm should be used sparingly. It is desirable to use balms every other wash and only on the ends of the hair. Do not overtighten the hair with rubber bands, hairpins, ribbons and hairpins.

Hair should be shortened regularly every 4 weeks
This removes damaged tips. Hair will be healthy and shiny for a long time if people dedicate a little more time to hair care and preventive hair maintenance.

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