15 proven tricks to slow down and protect against aging


15 proven tricks to slow down and protect against aging
Small and simple tricks make every person look younger. The proposal is 15 reliable ways (change of hairstyle, change of makeup, etc.) rejuvenation suitable for all people.


  1. Protection is mandatory – so far we have heard at least 100 times that excessive sun exposure is harmful and the biggest cause of early aging (both in summer and in periods when the intensity of radiation is reduced). Protective factor preparations are good solutions to the problem. It is known that wrinkles first appear on sensitive areas of the face (around the eyes). Therefore, first apply a layer of antioxidant cream before applying sunscreen. These molecules help prevent and repair damage caused by UV radiation, smoke and alcohol.
  2. Sleeping on your back – experts say that wrinkles on one side of the face will be more pronounced if the person sleeps constantly on the same side / position. So they advise sleeping on your back. On the side of the face on which you most often sleep, there will be barely visible lines (from which wrinkles appear over time). Gravity pulls the skin back if a person sleeps on his back. Do not sleep with heavy jewelry (earrings, ring, etc.).
  3. Regular cleansing of the face – it takes more time for a flawless and clean skin tone. A gentle massage with a swab dipped in makeup remover lotion contributes to skin tightening. Clean the face from the middle to the outside. Pull the swab from the root of the nose to the top of the forehead, from the inner corners of the eyes to the temples, from the nostrils to the ears and from the lips to the neck. Remove the lotion with a damp towel in the same movements or by washing with warm water.
  4. Avoid matte powder-matte makeup makes the skin lose its glow and look older. Matte makeup is useful in some life situations but not for people who want to look youthful. Use a creamy powder that gives shine. Apply the powder in a thin layer because otherwise it will shrink on the face and further emphasize wrinkles.
  5. Even skin tone loses its radiance over time. The skin loses 10% of the cells (which produce melanin) at the age of 35 to 45. That is why the complexion becomes uneven. In most cases, freckles and blemishes appear on the skin. Prevent these changes in a timely manner or remove the changes with preparations that nourish the skin, even out the tone, whiten blemishes and freckles on the face.
  6. Lip-lip care loses pigment with age. Use lipstick in the shade that best suits the natural shade of the lips. Matte lipsticks make dark colored lips thin. Choose pearlescent or shimmery shades.
  7. Eyebrow shaping – the shape of the eyebrows is important because otherwise it can change the look of the face and make it youthful and natural. Shorten the eyebrows if they are too long, color the gray eyebrows and draw the eyebrows with a pencil if they are sparse.
  8. The protrusion of the eyes and the curling of the eyelashes-face changes with age. It is desirable to experiment with colors, textures, techniques to make the face look young, healthy and fresh. Take the risk and buy an eye shadow or lipstick of a completely different color than usual. Change at least one makeup habit. For example, start by using an eyelash curler and your eyes will look bigger and your face will look modern and fresh. The face will otherwise have a fresh look if you apply warm-colored makeup (for example, pink or a peach shade).
  9. Using face foundation – the most common mistake of women is to use too dark or orange powder (in the desire to get a youthful look). The powder should be identical to the color of the face because the role of the powder is to even out the tone and conceal the flaw on the face without tanning.
  10. The neck and décolleté are important – apply the cream on the neck and décolleté as well as on the face. Gently massage the skin at the same time because it stimulates circulation, so the skin will be firm and taut over time.
  11. Change the hair preparation-hair and skin become dry over time (especially if you dye your hair, blow dry it, style it with a press and a curling iron). Dry hair is more susceptible to damage from UV radiation, smoke and alcohol. Apply treatments with masks or hair packs once a week. These preparations create a protective layer around the hair. Trim the ends regularly to avoid hair breakage.
  12. One glass of red wine — too much alcohol makes a person older. But one glass of wine several times a week has a positive effect. Spanish researchers have found that melatonium in red wine can slow down skin aging.
  13. Hands are quite revealing — hands are constantly exposed to UV rays and cleaners so they become dry and freckled prematurely. Use creams that nourish the skin, remove freckles and provide UV protection. It is sometimes desirable to perform cosmetic hand treatment in beauty salons. It is the only way to keep the skin on your hands fresh and youthful.
  14. The right age for a short hairstyle-women are advised to shorten their hair with age to look younger (but in some women this treatment can cause a counter-effect). There are other ways to rejuvenate your face with a hairstyle. Shorten the bangs to the eyebrows as it will hide the wrinkles on the forehead. Choose a natural hair color and color your hair with lighter strands.
  15. Change cosmetics often-Dermatologists advise you to choose the right care products, but change these products from time to time (every 4 to 6 months). The skin contains 1,000,000 receptors. Using always site creams feeds only one part of the receptor. Therefore, the effect weakens over time. Thanks to the large selection of creams with various ingredients, the skin provides the necessary care if you change cosmetics from time to time.

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