5 tips for people who spend most of the day standing for a long time (medical workers, builders, traders, hairdressers, waiters, etc.)


5 tips for people who spend most of the day standing for a long time (medical workers, builders, traders, hairdressers, waiters, etc.)
Every person who spends more hours a day standing than the usual 8 working hours will occasionally feel strong and sharp pains in the legs and back. There are some light exercises that can reduce pain.

  1. Prepare your muscles for a hard day’s work – wake up 5 minutes earlier than usual in the morning. These 5 minutes are enough to prepare your muscles for hours of standing. Lie down on the carpet. Raise your legs on several piled pillows. Place your palms on your ribs. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Lift your legs alternately in the air. Repeat the exercise with both legs 10 times.
  2. For better circulation during several hours of standing – prolonged standing reduces blood circulation in the legs. The result is clogging of blood vessels, cramping in the legs, swelling and cramps in the legs. Use every break, even if it’s 1 minute, to do this simple exercise. Stand in a striding stance. Keep your back straight. Bend your legs slightly at the knees. Lower yourself and stay like that for a few seconds. Then correct yourself. Repeat the exercise several times.
  3. Unsuitable footwear for standing for several hours – stand on tiptoes. Raise and lower yourself ten times so that your heels do not touch the floor. It is important to use footwear with anatomical insoles suitable for people who normally stand for hours.
  4. Evening foot bath – the evening is the ideal time of day for a bath for tired and tired feet. Then smear the feet with fat cream. Or in pharmacies there is a spray that cools and at the same time has a nourishing effect for the feet. Use a spray if you can.
  5. Long-term standing slows down the flow of lymph – that’s why more and more cellulite appears on the thighs over time. In the evening, massage your legs for about 5 minutes (using peeling gloves or a manual massager).








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