Huge costume jewelry is desirable in bright and eye-catching colors and huge dimensions

Costume jewelry is desirable in bright and eye-catching colors and huge dimensions
Costume jewelry is always desirable in bright and eye-catching colors, but also in huge sizes. This type of cheap jewelry does not agree with classic elegance, but rather an informal style of dress is implied. Costume jewelry means that all pieces (bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings) should be extremely large. This fashion style expanded in 2008, when numerous fashion companies launched megalomaniacal pieces of jewelry. It has a common denominator of bright colors and witty solutions, no matter how different the style of the offered fashion jewelry is.
It is desirable that costume jewelry be adorned with a sense of humor to make the overall impression positive. Mega jewelry and the feeling of freedom of the person who wears such jewelry fit into the informal style of clothing. A person should have a certain sense of humor, which is also desirable in the environment in which the person moves. However, this type of jewelry (mega jewelry) is most desirable to people of certain professions (a student of an art college, an artist of any kind of art, a person professionally engaged in art or high fashion, a design company whose clients are free-thinking). It is certain that in some official companies (for example, a bank, municipality, school) plastic jewelry of screaming colors decorated with fur details, scratched letters, sequins, unusual messages, bright colored details) would not cause enthusiasm. It takes a certain amount of courage for a person to wear this jewelry. The famous fashion designer Sonya Rykiel thus recommends bright green lips, while Givenchy recommends a pendant-panel from the neck to the chest that resembles a dog collar with threads. The Cavalli company once designed a feminine style necklace in the form of a wreath composed of numerous silk bows in bright colors with small bells.

The Gucci company played with the royal links typical of elegant gold chains and made them out of gilded plastic of gigantic dimensions. Cacharel’s designers have launched plastic necklaces made of large pebbles strung on a leather strap adorned with suspended plastic decoy fish. Chanel also adapted to the general trend of megalomaniacal jewelry, so their classic multiple gold chains were enhanced by large rhinestone decorations.

Copies are also desirable, useful and of good quality
Unaffirmed jewelry is also bulky and heavy (necklaces made of tons of small glass balls and balls made of hard plastic or semi-precious stones: malachite, rose quartz, turquoise, onyx). The cool mystical glow of black onyx was an inspiration to the creators of the famous fashion companies Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani, so they designed jewelry with a geometric shape from this material in combination with Swarovski crystals or anodized metal of refined elegance. Copies of this kind of jewelry are made of cheap material, although they are not inferior to the original pieces in terms of originality and effectiveness. One such necklace would be ideal and the only and sufficient decoration with a less conspicuous wardrobe.
It is also a general rule with any type of wardrobe that bulky costume jewelry can only be worn with monochromatic clothes of a simple cut.

An additional fashion rule would be that one piece of megalomaniacal jewelry should be enough for even the biggest jewelry lover, if she doesn’t want to look like a Christmas tree in the middle of spring. A person can opt for eye-catching earrings, a necklace with several smaller necklaces, eye-catching bracelets or eye-catching shoulder-height earrings. Shoulder-length earrings are normally more suitable as jewelry for an evening wardrobe. Then they can be decorated with crystals of various sizes, rhinestones, metal bows and similar details. Plastic versions of earrings with simple lines would only suit cloth clothes for a walk in nature. Today, megalomaniacal costume jewelry is suitable (and sometimes even desirable) for people of all age groups.


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