8 tips for using decorative pots and replanting plants

8 tips for using decorative pots and replanting plants
Replanting decorative houseplants is best done during spring and summer. Horticultural experts have advice on recognizing a plant that needs to be replanted (from the original pot=. It’s simple – the plant should be planted in a new pot if it is already too big in the original pot. Another tip is to replant the plant if the roots have emerged from the soil (and through the hole in the pot) and visible to the naked eye This means that the growth of the plant has slowed down and the plant needs to be replanted.

  1. The plants are planted in 2.5 to 3 cm wider pots. It is not good to plant plants in a larger container because due to weak root activity – the soil becomes acidic.
  2. Replanting plants does not always mean buying new or larger pots, but simply (especially for older plants) changing the soil.
  3. Soak the new clay pots in water overnight. Just wash old and plastic pots.
  4. First insert a layer of small stones at the bottom of the pot before adding soil. These can be fragments and remnants of old pots. It is only important to make a good drainage layer through which the excess water will flow smoothly. The head of the root should be lower than the edge of the pot when placing the soil in the pot. Press well with your palms and cover with water.
  5. Various containers can be useful for growing flowers. The pot is recognizable because it has an opening at the bottom. The insert is without an opening at the bottom of the container.
  6. It happens that old flower pots are simply boring or chipped – so it is necessary to get new containers for plants and flower pots. Porcelain liners for pots have been popular for centuries.
  7. The decorative pot has an influence on the water regime in the pot where the plant is grown (especially the clay pot). Namely, evaporation on the surface of the inner container is reduced. Moist air is kept in the intermediate space and heat is evened out, so less watering with water is needed.
  8. In flower shops, pots are placed in various containers made of styrofoam, perlite, sand, peat. Thus, constant humidity and temperature are maintained. Therefore, planters (which are usually kept on terraces) can only be external decorative containers in which we keep pots with flowers. Thus, temperature changes are mitigated.

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