It is useful to know tips for keeping the heart beating as long as possible

It is useful to know tips for keeping the heart beating as long as possible
Spring and summer is the time when many hearts are hit by Cupid’s arrow and beat faster and louder. Love is of course the most noble feeling that people long for. Cardiologists say that even if the scrotum is painful, it is not a particular danger for this vital organ. Research by scientists and cardiologists from 2006 from the American city of Dallas says that the enemies of the heart and cardiovascular system are completely different (from a broken heart).

  1. Tobacco is the heart’s worst enemy – nicotine and other harmful substances from cigarettes destroy arteries, raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels (increase Ldl, the so-called bad cholesterol, and lower Hdl, the so-called good cholesterol) and are responsible for 50% of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases. This risk is halved in 5 years if a person stops smoking, while it disappears completely in 10 years (that is, it is reduced to the frequency of non-smokers). People who smoke know that it is not easy to give up cigarettes, but today there are many aids for quitting smoking (for example, a pill to relieve smoking). The results obtained after the experimental phase in 2007 proved to be particularly effective.
  2. The food on the plate is important – if a person likes to eat the so-called Mediterranean diet (rich in vitamins, minerals, cellulose fibers) and maintains the same body weight, then the heart will be healthy. It has been proven that excess body mass (especially the mass accumulated around the waist, the circumference of which should not exceed 94 cm for men and 80 cm for women) has a negative effect on the endocrine system, increases the level of triglycerides, sugar and blood pressure. All children who eat fast food more than 2 times a week – experts say – have twice the chance of suffering from cardiovascular diseases (just like adults).
  3. Regular control of cholesterol level – a person should be moderate in the intake of animal fats, enrich the diet with fish, fresh vegetables and regularly engage in physical activities (so that bad cholesterol does not damage the elasticity and patency of the arteries). Regular control of cholesterol levels is of great importance. Many studies say that the lower the cholesterol, the healthier the person. Finally, researchers from Atlanta discovered that decaffeinated coffee has a more favorable effect on the nervous system, but that’s why it increases cholesterol levels.
  4. There is a vaccine on the market that regulates blood pressure – a third of humanity between the ages of 35 and 74 has elevated blood pressure (which is a dangerous enemy of the arteries and therefore of the heart). The rules of prevention are known: a balanced diet and weight, a life without tobacco and alcohol, more movement and, of course, if necessary, regular consumption of medication. And for all people who keep their blood pressure under control with medication, a news item from a Swiss pharmaceutical company arrived a long time ago. Namely, there is a vaccine on the market that regulates increased blood pressure, and it is obtained once a year.
  5. Quality rest with pets – it is known that physical activity 3 times a week for 40 minutes prevents elevated blood pressure, excess weight and increased cholesterol and triglycerides. Mental recreation is equally important for heart health. Stress is a great enemy of the heart. Doctors therefore warn that it is necessary to find time for daily rest and relaxation. Numerous studies say that one of the most effective therapies is “Pet therapy”. Experts from Los Angeles found that only physical contact with a pet lowers stress levels by 25%, while regular companionship with pets has a beneficial effect on the entire organism (especially the endocrine and cardiovascular systems).

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