The so-called “jungle look” is a characteristic of the safari style of clothing

The so-called “jungle look” is a characteristic of the safari style of clothing
Safari is associated with hot desert sun, sand, giraffes, wild cats and warm natural colors. The clothes that Europeans usually wear on these exotic trips have long since become part of the established fashion style that is always current.
Environmental movements around the world are often accompanied by the famous safari style of clothing. This style is an example of comfort and practicality. However, the essence of the safari style is the way of fitting individual parts of clothing and adapting to the individual’s own appearance.
Safari style is characterized by characteristic comfortable shirts with a comfortable shape, dresses with sewn-on pockets, double pockets and belts, and clothes made of exclusively natural materials.
The basic colors of the safari style are the color of sand, earth, dried grass and dried fruit
The safari style perfectly matches the patterns of wild animals (which were once used by the fashion designer Antonio Maras). Back in 2007, Maras created an exceptional collection by combining wild animal patterns and adaptation to fashion (he combines tight zebra pattern pants with a tiger pattern or leopard pattern dress or shirt worn over the pants. Such patterns flow into each other and act almost like a fine and artistic masterpiece deed.
Bermuda pants are an eternal fashion imperative, especially during the summer months. The color of sand or mustard and green shades of grass are from the safari style of clothing. These shorts can be worn all day in various combinations (with a white shirt, jacket or with a gold jacket in the evening).

The safari style of clothing is enriched with colors
Play with colors, shapes and patterns. For example, the “jungle doll” look is original and suitable for everyone. Combine tight red 3/4 pants (or jeans) with a short, wide skirt with a zebra look and a red (or jeans) T-shirt decorated with colorful beads in bright colors. And a wide leather mash is mandatory.
Another option is the “jungle lady” look featuring an elegant handbag and sandals (made of artificial crocodile or snake skin) with a white linen safari dress. Safari style is often present on other accompanying fashion details. Large handbags with plenty of straps and sewn-on pockets are always effective and practical. They can be made of the finest leather (for example Dior) or made of canvas, straw in the form of a backpack decorated with rope and beads. There is also an interesting form of bag-suitcase made of straw with a wooden handle and reinforced with wooden corners.

Sandals reached their peak precisely within the framework of the safari fashion style of clothing. There are elegant ones with a high platform and heels made of wood and cork and with a lot of beads, ornaments, belts in various combinations. It is an extremely luxurious combination of snake and crocodile skin (artificial). Loafers can be flat with a strap over the thumb and African tribal ornaments.

A hat is an integral part of the safari fashion style of clothing
The head is protected from the sun with hats, caps, and a large brim made of woven straw, canvas or panama in the same or compatible colors of the clothing, or in completely contrasting (pink-red-turquoise). The shape and colors of the jewelry are very striking. The multiple wooden beads in the natural color of the wood or painted stand out. A carved desert stone appears. Bracelets are often decorated with roughly carved stones reminiscent of naive African art. There is also jewelry made of silver and ivory.
Long hair combed back and tied in a ponytail is always a current hairstyle of the safari fashion style. This way the hair looks fresh and natural. Add some trendy big square horn glasses for a complete and complete safari style fashion outfit.

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