A rabbit is a wonderful pet that needs your time and daily care


A rabbit is a wonderful pet that needs your time and daily care
Veterinarian offices say that there are quite a few people who choose rabbits as pets in addition to dogs, cats and birds and other animals. It’s a matter of choice because every animal is special, interesting and lovely.
A rabbit is not the best choice of pet for children
Rabbits are quiet, clean and have modest hygiene requirements. They are also suitable for small apartments, but they require daily care and attention. Regular and proper nutrition, fresh water, regular cleaning of cages and toilets are necessary. These animals have very sensitive bones, they cannot stand rough play and being carried around. They can kick hard with their hind legs during self-defense. That is why they are not suitable for small children.
Rabbits live up to 12 years
That’s why a rabbit, like other pets, is never bought as a gift unless the buyer is sure that the animal is going into the right hands.


It is best to buy rabbits directly from the breeder
It is best to visit one of the many exhibitions or a small animal store, but you should listen to the advice of experts. When choosing, you should pay attention to the hair, which should be shiny and clean. It is important that the upper teeth pass over the lower teeth because the rabbit’s teeth are constantly growing. If the teeth are not worn due to irregular growth, then overgrowth and possible self-harm occur.
There are many breeds of rabbits, and they are all divided into 4 groups:

  1. Big (the most numerous are giants)
  2. Medium
  3. Long-haired (angora) are originally from Asia, where they are massively bred for their hair for yarn. They are extremely calm and easy to cut.
  4. Small and dwarf. The hermelin (as a pet) stands out because of its lively character.
    Rabbits love company. They are playful and curious. These animals love to be petted and usually show their satisfaction by grinding their teeth. They need toys if they stay in the house to keep them from getting bored. Then the rabbits sharpen their teeth on the toys instead of the stirrer. They defecate in one place, and if their excrement slips, they are small, dry, odorless balls (which are easy to clean). Young rabbits are like terns. They can’t stay in one place, but they calm down after the second year of being tired. With aging, back problems, arthritis, obesity and kidney problems arise.
    Check your rabbits teeth regularly to prolong their vitality
    Rabbits also need regular nail trimming. It is good to sterilize (or castrate so that they do not become nervous) rabbits if there is a large group of rabbits in a home.
    Experts advise reducing the amount of alfalfa and seeds in the diet
    It is necessary to increase the shade of oats and to increase the leaves of carrots or parsley. Sweets are absolutely forbidden.
    Rabbits have long been a symbol of fertility
    Rabbits have great reproductive abilities that nature has given them to survive (since rabbits are food for many other animals). That’s why you should know that rabbits are ready for mating already at 5 months of age. A female rabbit carries young for 28 to 31 days and can give birth to up to 8 young rabbits. In nature, these cubs would not survive for more than a year, and as pets they can live up to 18 years.
    Rabbits are friendly but distrustful
    Getting to know these animals can take a long time, but once you become friends, that friendship lasts forever. The more rabbits there are, the easier it is to take care of them, just like with children. They get along well with guinea pigs and cats, provided that the nails are regularly shortened. They can fight with each other until they get along. It is more difficult with dogs, especially with hunting dogs. Rabbits will play nicely although it is recommended not to leave these animals unattended/human.
    Rabbits and hares are two different types of animals, although they look the same. When you say rabbit, it means hares. Rabbits can be wild and tame, they have a smaller build, shorter ears, they have considerable dexterity, tameness and intelligence. A rabbit is born already covered in hair, while a rabbit is completely naked.

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