Whitewater rafting is also on postage stamps

Whitewater rafting is also on postage stamps
In recent decades, the postal services of many countries around the world have decided to include white water rafting on a postage stamp. Crossing wild rivers and navigating dangerous river courses have been challenging since ancient times. That’s probably how rowing was officially included in sports disciplines.
In May 2006, Slovenia issued a ptt stamp on the occasion of the World Youth Championship in kayak and canoe slalom on wild waters. The championship was held on the Soča River near Solkan (where a new kayaking center was developed). The nominal value is marked with “S”, which corresponds to the postage for a standard letter in international traffic. In 2004, Poland issued a 2.10 zloty stamp dedicated to rafting “Rafting on the Dunajec River” designed by Jacek Brodovski. It shows a raftsman in traditional costume on this border river between Poland and Slovakia. “Safety serrations” are observed, i.e. a gap in the length of 2 to 3 teeth on the horizontal sides of the stamp. This should prevent forgeries (which are sometimes practiced everywhere). The appearance of this postage stamp is the result of the Polish and Slovak post office, which, in addition to the joint issue, also contributes to closer professional contacts and exchange of experiences. For centuries, the Dunajec river has united rather than separated people from both sides of the river. Janošik (a hero from Slovak and Polish legends) once lived there.
In the Balkans, rafters still operate, which is especially exciting for tourists who participate in these trips. Rafting on the river Tara (Montengero) and rafting on the rivers Una, Neretva and Drina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) are known, on the occasion of which the post office of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a ptt stamp in 2006.











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