Eyebrows can often improve the appearance of the face and even completely change the physiognomy


Eyes are the mirror of the soul, while eyebrow shaping should be done by a professional
Eyebrows can often improve the appearance of the face and even completely change the physiognomy. Eyebrows are a kind of natural eye frame. Even the most beautiful eyes sometimes lose their shine if the eyebrows are not properly shaped and properly maintained. Rare people have naturally perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows and never need even a small correction.
Eyebrows are subject to fashion changes just like hairstyles and lip shape. Every person occasionally uses tweezers – the simplest tool for beautifully shaped and preserved eyebrows. Modern are lush and nonchalantly combed eyebrows a la Brooke Shields, and classically elegant eyebrows that cover the purple look of Liz Taylor, elongated like Jennifer Anniston, and light and thin like Gwyneth Paltrow.


Tips from make-up artists and cosmetologists for eyebrow care at home:

  1. The first tip is to forget fashion events and the appearance of the eyebrows of famous world faces.
  2. The shape, length, color, arch and thickness of the eyebrows should match the appearance of each person’s face. The face should be natural and beautiful because incorrectly plucked and drawn eyebrows can drastically change the appearance of the face.
  3. Illuminate the room well with natural light (if you are unable to entrust eyebrow shaping to a professional). Stand in front of the mirror and carefully study the appearance of the face, the lines especially around the eyes and eyebrows.
  4. Use a pencil to more easily determine the point from which you should start and the point where the shaping should end – to more efficiently and easily determine the arc. Initially, place the pen upright and parallel to the end of the nostril.
  5. The place at the root of the nose where the pencil touches the eyebrow is the point where the eyebrow should start. Therefore, carefully remove all excess hair.
  6. To make a proper arch (that is, the highest point of the arch), then place the pencil diagonally with the end of the nostril (so that the upper end of the pencil passes over the pupil of the eye).
  7. The place where the pencil crosses the eyebrow is the point of the highest and most protruding part of the eyebrow.
  8. You determine the length of the eyebrow by placing the lower part of the pencil in the middle of the lips and touching it to the end of the nostril. Place the upper end a millimeter away from the end of the outer corner of the eye. These determined points can be marked with an eyebrow pencil.
  9. Disinfect the tweezers well with alcohol, start plucking the eyebrows and always from the lower side of the eyebrows.
  10. Manual eyebrow plucking is best done after showering and bathing when the pores are open (which reduces pain). Pluck one hair at a time in the direction of hair growth without hurrying so as not to make a mistake or overdo it. If this does happen, then the person should not despair because new hairs will grow in a few weeks.
  11. Apply an ice cube to the skin to relieve pain and redness after eyebrow plucking.
  12. Cut long hair with scissors. Brushed eyebrows can be fixed with a special gel, colorless eye mascara or hairspray (apply with a small comb).
  13. You can modify the length, thickness and density with a pencil or eyebrow shadow (applied in intermittent strokes). At the end, spread the color slightly with a sponge to make the effect better and more natural.
  14. Eyebrow color is important. It should match the hair color (or preferably one shade lighter than the hair) and the skin tone.
  15. If this whole process is complicated, then it is recommended by the visaist that every person visits the “eyebrowse” web portal, where for about 20 US$ you can buy any template for eyebrow shaping.


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