The fireplace is most often associated with the jet set or movie scenes

The fireplace is most often associated with the jet set or movie scenes
The fire burning in the fireplace always reminds us of a blissful family sitting around the fire, usually with a piece of fur carpet in front of it. The idea of ​​a fireplace is usually associated with a large and richly decorated house, usually inaccessible to ordinary mortals.
The market produces large fireplaces (from baroque style to ultra-modern) as well as fireplaces for apartments with small chimneys. People even in small apartments (usually in high-rises) decide to demolish the old wood-burning stoves even though they cannot install a fireplace in that place (which requires a 20X20 chimney opening). Then a special fireplace of small dimensions is made that easily fits into such a small living space. Some customers want the installation of a fireplace on site, that is, the entire manufacturing/assembly process or only the mandatory part: the firebox where the fire burns and the hood that accepts the smoke or even the complete facade around the fire. The facade should fit into the interior, regardless of whether it is made of marble, stone, granite, plaster, wood, metal, glass or brick. The buyer should also inform the manufacturer of the fireplace if the fireplace is intended for basic or additional heating.

  1. The fire in the fireplace is more or less ambient if there is already some heating in the home. If the fireplace is to have a heating function, then the fireplace can accumulate more heat than the stove (and be warm even 24 hours after it is turned off).
  2. A chamber for heating the air can be installed behind the fireplace or connected to the water-based floor heating system in the apartment or house.
  3. There is a variant of the combination of a fireplace and electricity, so it is heated with wood only when the tariff is more expensive.
  4. There are also electric fireplaces where there are no conditions for a chimney. Imitation flickering fire can also look fantastic.
  5. Nevertheless, wood is fragrant, evokes nature, contributes to relaxation and reduction of hypertension, and at the same time does not pollute the environment in the least.
  6. The price of the entire fireplace with register for floor heating is already profitable after 2 years on the difference between the prices of wood and electricity.
  7. For a well-insulated apartment of, for example, 80 square meters, no more than 5 to 6 meters of wood is needed during one heating season. Wood is a renewable resource that will never disappear.
  8. The story about fireplaces is complete if we mention the mandatory accessories (a grid of various shapes made of wrought iron, brass or bronze, a metal shovel, a broom, a tray in front of the fireplace, a basket for wood). All this contributes to the warmth and appearance of the environment, even on the high floors of a large skyscraper.

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