Effective tips for identifying iodine deficiency, stiff joints and stroke

Effective tips for identifying iodine deficiency, stiff joints and stroke
Lack of iodine in the body
Many people are iodine deficient despite iodizing sea salt. Iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency causes goiter in adults, significantly affects the mental development of the fetus and the overall health of children and adults. Disorders due to iodine deficiency are often not recognized – say experts. They are manifested by a decrease in mental abilities and a decline in intelligence. Iodine deficiency significantly affects fertility. Experts’ recommendations are related to the method of procurement, storage and use of table salt. You should only buy iodized salt in 1 kg packages and you must check the expiration date before buying. Iodine evaporates from salt, so salt should be stored in well-closed glass jars and dark containers away from moisture and heat. Heat reduces the amount of iodine. That’s why experts recommend adding salt when cooking curry. People usually keep salt in open containers near the stove to keep it close at hand – which is by no means advisable.
How to remove the pain of stiff joints
Thanks to modern research, physical medicine is constantly supplemented with new treatment methods. There are also newer devices for physical therapy (which treat diseased joints) with impact sound waves of 16,000 to 20,000 HZ. They are used to break up calcifications in muscle tendons (known as “thorn in the heel”, “tennis elbow”, “frozen shoulder”), with the help of these waves it is possible to treat ossified structures of the joints, knees, shoulders and hips, as well as all forms of joint and extra-articular rheumatism. These devices use a pressure of 1 to 4 bar and do not require local anesthesia (except in case of great hypersensitivity to pain). 2 probes are used for treatment. The first one is used for sick and stiff joints with limited movements and for the treatment of cramped muscles. The second is smaller in diameter and shaped like a needle. It is used on nerve endings to relieve pain. This probe can be used to relieve pain in the cervical and lumbar spine. The device treats sciatica and painful disc herniation that is not suitable for surgery. The result is visible after 2 treatments. The final therapeutic effect is achieved in a month and a half at the latest. It can be applied to people with osteoporosis without consequences.
The first pre-stroke symptoms are the most important
The first symptoms of an impending stroke are a sudden jump in blood pressure, difficulty speaking, sweating and headache. Interruption of cerebral circulation can be prevented if the person immediately consults a doctor. However, if a stroke does occur, recovery depends on early diagnosis and timely therapy. The diagnosis is then established by transcranial doppler and in others by a scanner or magnetic resonance. The experiences of doctors from emergency neurology confirm that people whose blood vessel is closed by a clot can be helped if, within the first 6 hours after the tingling or blockade of the arms or legs, the patient is given the drug actilyza. The clot then dissolves and normal circulation is restored. This therapy can avoid severe consequences that require long-term rehabilitation. Unfortunately, some people ignore the early indicators of the disease and go to the doctor only when the medicine is no longer effective.

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