Facial beautification treatments and other cosmetically treatments are constantly updated with new and interesting ones

Facial beautification treatments are constantly updated with new and interesting ones
The first written information about beauty and care treatments comes from the ancient Egyptians around 1500 BC. These are records about preserving hair, procedures for removing wrinkles, strengthening teeth, and recipes for care and beautification. Female slaves were the first professional beauticians in the Roman Empire. Then mechanical depilators made of resin and wax began to be used, which are still used today.
Mesotherapy, cavitation, myolift, all types of massages are just some of the numerous beauty treatments that both men and women undergo today. Everyone has one goal – to have the most beautiful face and look as good as possible. However, due to the force of circumstances, today people pay less attention to care. Big money still flows through the beauty industry, but no one knows the exact amount. For years, however, beauty and hair salons and salons of various types of massages have been opening all over the world. This activity is on the list of rare businesses that are worth starting. The only important thing here is to always give people something new. Eccentric beauty treatments are also in demand, and they pass at the same speed as they are launched on the cosmetic market. Some treatments last 3 hours or one whole day in the spa center. A bit more serious plastic surgery should be added to all this. In many countries of the world, these operations are performed daily, mostly in private clinics. These are the most common breast surgeries, liposuction, eyelid lift, nose correction, face lift, upper arm lift, lower leg thickening, thigh correction, neck liposuction, hair transplantation and the like. Today there are many types of massages: anti-cellulite, anti-stress, relax, shia tsu, royal, massage with volcanic stones, for couples, with chocolate, for the feet, with basil leaf peeling, with honey, with yogurt, with cucumbers, with seaweed and with warm crystals.
Some of the popular cosmetic treatments in the world:

  1. For example, the cosmetic trend “facefreezing” or freezing the face with liquid nitrogen is very popular. After the treatment, the person spends a few minutes in the chamber at a temperature of -140 degrees C.
  2. Mesotherapy is also one of the more popular treatments. It is the injection of various types of substances into the layers of the skin.
  3. Radio wave lifting
  4. Cavitation, i.e. ultrasound removal of cellulite
  5. All types of massages (classical, Thai, massage with volcanic stones, chocolate, massage with leaves and seaweed, etc.)
  6. Beer spas or spa centers where it is possible to frolic in beer and cosmetic treatments with beer.
  7. Groin waxing, eyebrow trimming and similar minor interventions are among the cheapest treatments.
  8. A form of massage originating from Colombia is classic madero-therapy. Special wooden rollers are used to perform massage movements. Women mostly use this type of treatment to get rid of cellulite, although this massage can be useful for back pain and detoxification in general. Brazilian madero-therapy uses wooden cups (resembling bells with handles). Treatment with wooden cups gives faster and more efficient results due to the vacuum that is achieved and acts on a much deeper tissue level.
    The most extravagant beauty treatments in the world are:
    -Facial treatment with pharmacy feces 180 US$
    -Massage with snake scales US$ 43
    -Facial treatment with snails 243 US$
    -Exfoliating baths with eels 1000USA$
  • Pedicure with snake skin 300 US$
    -Bathing with evian water 5000US$
  • Nail decorations with diamonds US$ 50,000
  • facial treatment of 24 carat gold 400 US$

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