Sea buckthorn oil, ginger and dandelion tea for pain relief during women’s menstrual cycles

Sea buckthorn oil, ginger and dandelion tea for pain relief during women’s menstrual cycles
Medical research says that as many as 50% to 80% of women in the reproductive period have pain during their monthly cycles. Changes in behavior can affect personal and professional life. And the pre-menstrual cycle is connected with the woman’s monthly cycle. The pre-menstrual cycle occurs a week or two weeks before the monthly cycle. It stops with the beginning of a woman’s monthly cycle and can last all the time. Every woman experiences it differently. The period before the monthly cycle is a real emotional roller coaster. Most women are sensitive, irritable, irritable, in a bad mood with an increased desire to eat carbohydrates or sweets. Many women feel all the symptoms during the period of the monthly cycle and a week before.
Very expressive symptoms occur in 20-25% of women in the reproductive period. They are manifested by a bloated stomach, tense and painful breasts, changes in mood, frequent increase in appetite, but also a subjective feeling of excess weight. Sometimes the symptoms are so pronounced that they cause great pain and spasms that keep women confined to bed and make them unable to perform their daily tasks. Such severe symptoms occur in 4% of women. It is the dysphoria of the pre-menstrual cycle and at the same time the most difficult form of the pre-menstrual cycle – say gynecologists.
Symptoms of the monthly cycle and the pre-menstrual cycle can occur in young girls as well as in women before the climacteric state (due to hormonal fluctuations). That’s why you need to carefully choose therapy to eliminate complaints that do not work for all women equally.
Intake of minerals (magnesium) can have a preventive effect, but often not enough to prevent pain or the use of drugs. Contraceptive pills can help, but only for women who can use these types of drugs. The use of non-steroidal anti-rheumatic drugs one to two tablets a day can successfully solve the problem. Sometimes it happens that only an injection (containing anti-spasm drugs) can help.
Tips for reducing pain during the monthly cycle and pre-menstrual cycle

  1. reduce the use of coffee and tea
  2. use the herbal therapy of burdock oil, ginger and dandelion tea
  3. Sleep for 8 hours
  4. Consume healthy food with complex carbohydrates and fiber
  5. Reduce (or eliminate) the use of alcohol
  6. Engage in regular physical activities – half an hour a day, 4-6 times a week
  7. practicing relaxation methods (yoga, meditation, massage, tai chi)
  8. Practice acupuncture.

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