4 tips for freezing baby porridge


4 tips for freezing baby porridge
Homemade porridges can still be frozen. Although, be careful which foods you freeze. Fruit that you know has been treated with pesticides should be avoided. Better to buy porridge in stores. Fruits and vegetables that do not contain chemicals can be used to prepare homemade porridge for feeding babies and infants. Then homemade porridge is the right choice.

  1. The freezing date indicated on the package is important – fruit and vegetable purees can stay in the freezer for a maximum of 5 months. Porridges with meat can be stored for a maximum of 1 month. Milk porridges (formulated milk or regular milk) must not be frozen.
  2. Porridge with spinach or potatoes should not be frozen, because both spinach and potatoes are foods that should not and should not be reheated.
  3. Cook and puree everything you want to be in the porridge. Cover the bowl with clean gauze or a cloth – and let it cool. Spread the porridge in an ice cube tray. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze.
  4. You can freeze the porridge in smaller containers if the child has larger meals. Transfer the frozen bowls of porridge into plastic freezer bags.


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