Atlantic City is a city for all boxing fans and it’s famous Ripley’s Museum

The lovely American city of Atlantic City has 66 as its trademark
Atlantic City is a city in the US state of New Jersey. This city is located on the eastern American coast, or on the island of Abescon (Atlantic Ocean). In front of the city, there are 30-meter billboards that advertise all possible products, but also announce the guest appearances of the world’s biggest stars. Signs brightly invite tourists and guests to try their luck in one of the many casinos. There are also funny ads for buffet restaurants where you can eat as much as you want for US$10. It’s America and Atlantic City is more affordable than Las Vegas. The heart of Atlantic City is the boardwalk – a boardwalk built next to the waterfront (by the way, it was the first time here). Today, every city has one such wooden path. The track is 6.4 km long and is an inexhaustible source of entertainment. A beach has been built on one side (swimming is in quite cold water as the Atlantic is colder in this part of the world even in the middle of summer). The amusement park is dominated by the ferris wheel, although the real fun is only if the guest decides to use the rollercoaster. Some rollercoasters look small and harmless, but every user is in for an adrenaline rush that will be remembered for a lifetime, especially when the device turns upside down during the ride. On the other side of the wooden paths is a view of numerous hotels and casinos.
A special experience is the Ripley Museum “Believe it or not” or the most bizarre exhibition in the world. The building looks like a ruin cut in half by a huge bus. And the casinos in Atlantic City are special just like in Las Vegas. So there is the Taj Mahal casino and hotel, Trump plaza and the like. Big hotels from Las Vegas are here in reduced versions. The biggest entertainment in casinos is in the evening, even though there is no daylight in the casino. About 300 million US$ are poured into the American treasury every year only from the taxes paid in Atlantic City. This city is visited annually by about 29 million tourists and brings in about 3.3 billion US$ to the economy. Gambling was legalized here in 1976. The city is still called the Gambling Capital of the East Coast.
Atlantic City is perhaps the city where the difference between super-rich and powerful Americans and ordinary people can best be seen. Next to the coast, everything shines and lights, millions are lost and earned in every casino, but only one or two streets away from these locations – you can also see the reality of this city. There are a lot of homeless people on the streets, instead of skyscrapers there are low apartment buildings, most of the residents use public city transport from which they look longingly at the splendor of hotels and casinos. And most cities on the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean have similar amusement parks with a panoramic point.
6 tips for visiting Atlantic City

  1. It is a special experience to have breakfast in a real American diner. You will have a view of the sea with coffee, pancakes or doughnuts.
  2. Along the boardwalk, there are numerous installations that every guest of this city should visit. There are huge guitars, flamingos, sculptures, etc.
  3. Try your luck in one of the casinos. At least for slot machines. A quarter (US$ quarter) is enough. Just pull the handle and hope for success.
  4. Ripley Museum is a must visit. Entrance is about 15 US$.
  5. If you come to the city by bus, then every tourist gets a token (for the casino) worth 5 US$.
  6. Atlantic City is a city for all boxing fans (it is the city where some of the biggest boxing matches are organized). Thus, at the peak of his career, Mike Tyson had almost all important matches right here. Donald Trump, who brought the Miss America Pageant to this city, is most responsible for that.

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