Nutrition for single people who live independently due to circumstances

Nutrition for people who live independently due to circumstances
If a person lives independently, in most cases he does not pay attention to a healthier diet. For singles, a healthier diet is actually the last thing, especially for people who have just faced the loss of a partner. Then health usually suffers. Adaptation to a new situation often leads to deficient nutrition. All the more because it is not at all easy to prepare one meal or a healthier meal for one person. The American nutritionist Krisha McCoy once dealt with this issue a decade ago. Trisha thus designed several suitable nutrition programs adapted to singles. She says that it is always nicer to have lunch in company. If a person finds himself in a position to have lunch on his own, then most likely he will not enjoy eating and meals as before.
Another reason, according to Krisha McCoy, is because single people’s diet is always a “weak point” because they lack the motivation to cook. If a person has been cooking meals for two or more people for a long time, then it will take more time for that person to get used to the new role. Many therefore change their usual meals with some snacks and sandwiches or simply skip meals. Krisha asks a question about the differences between a meal in the fridge and a meal from the table. There are big differences, especially as a person gets older.
A healthy diet reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart problems, cancer and other chronic diseases.
A healthy diet gives the body energy and the necessary nutrients to maintain good health. At the same time, quality food protects against obesity and chronic diseases and acts as a preventive measure against dementia and maintaining a clear mind.
Healthy eating tips from the American Diabetes Institute:

  1. Make sure to have breakfast every day
  2. Eat whole grain bread, cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits
  3. Choose lean meat and fish
  4. Always have healthy snacks on the table (dried and stone fruits but in small quantities, raw carrots,…)
  5. Drink as much liquid as possible.
    Come up with a new diet plan if these ideas seem out of your reach. Make meals simple and pleasant.
    Nutritionist Krisha McCoy also gives the following advice:
  • indulge yourself. Decorate the table and store food of various colors. Try to make each meal a different texture (soft, crunchy, firm)
  • try to eat in company as often as possible. Make them mandatory Sunday rituals. A healthy meal tastes better in good company.
  • fill the fridge with healthy food that is easy and quick to cook. It is more likely that a person will introduce healthy nutrients into the body if he already has a prepared salad
    -make time for breakfast even if it is a small piece of bread with jam. Morning meals help to get the day off to a good start and provide a person with the necessary energy.
  • play pleasant music while eating
  • by eating healthy, every person helps the body to fight off diseases and acquires a feeling of enthusiasm and happiness.

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