Advice on what can be done in the household with 1 kWh

Advice on what can be done in the household with 1 kWh
We use electricity in the household for cooking, baking, washing, drying, lighting, cooling food, ironing clothes and general cleaning of the home. In addition, electricity is used for heating living rooms, TV, Internet, possibly radio receivers, charging mobile devices, ventilation and other needs of modern man.
One kilowatt hour or kWh is a unit of consumed electricity. Only 1 kWh provides wide possibilities for performing many tasks in the home. However, with 1 kWh, good results can be achieved quickly and easily in a well-equipped household and through suitable consumers.

Examples of using 1 kWh in households

  1. You have an electric stove with, for example, 4 worktops and you use only one worktop or occasionally all 4. One kWh is then enough to cook lunch for even 4 people.
  2. In addition, one kWh can perform the following tasks in cooking: 5×40 minutes for mixing dough with a kitchen machine (bread maker or culinary robot), 1 year of using an electric coffee grinder in a household of 4, or 1 day of cooling food in an electric refrigerator etc.
  3. You have an electric boiler in the bathroom. With 1 kWh of electricity, you can heat 30 liters of water for bathing at 37 degrees C. Likewise, with 1 kWh, you can heat a bathroom with an infrared heater for 4×15 minutes, i.e. 1 hour, which meets the needs of a family of 4.
  4. There are many more examples of what 1 kWh can do in a household, which can more clearly document the economy and benefits of electricity.
  5. An electric vacuum cleaner is an irreplaceable household appliance and one of the most necessary appliances in a modern household. Using this device, it is possible to maintain cleanliness for 14 days and consume only 1 kWh of electricity.
  6. Laundry and ironing are one of the most difficult chores in the household. Mechanical laundry in machines allows households to wash laundry quickly and easily. Thus, 1 kg of dry laundry can be mechanically washed with 1 kWh, including all laundry programs. Independent laundry can be done with an energy saving of 1 kWh for 100 kg of dry laundry, while spinning in a centrifuge is for 1200 kg of laundry.
  7. An electric iron with a 500 W heater consumes 1 kWh for 2 hours of ironing.
  8. And small appliances for body care and other hygiene needs also show efficiency in 1 kWh. For example, a hair dryer consumes 1 kWh for 8×15 minutes of operation. 15 minutes is enough time to dry hair after washing.
  9. The electric shaver enables quick and hygienic shaving. It has very low energy consumption. It is calculated that with normal use, this machine consumes 1 kWh for a period of 5 years. The economy of the electric shaver is noticeable when you think that for one shave with a razor you need to have foam, aftershave cream.
  10. Using, for example, ultraviolet radiation (in a solarium) or artificial tanning using small lamps with a power of 300 kWh allows for 1 kWh of electricity -50×4 minutes of artificial tanning.

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