Treatment (physical therapy) at home with modern technological devices

Treatment at home with modern technological devices
Modern physical therapy, for example, can now be performed at home (or at the workplace during a break) using new portable devices. The therapeutic effect of the new mini-devices is the same as in large medical institutions.
The first doctors considered pain relief to be a divine work (because it is one of the most common ailments for which people seek help). Since then, doctors and medical professionals have been searching for newer and more perfect devices and methods that would quickly relieve people of pain and suffering. In recent decades, a lot of work has been done on the development of electro-therapy, the effects of which are the reduction of pain but also the removal of the inflammatory state and the strengthening of weakened lymph and blood circulation. This method of physical medicine applies a modified electric current. The properties of modified electric current were first observed by Scribonius Larg, physician to the Roman emperor Claudius (who used static electricity from fish to treat pain).
The most common cause of pain in middle and old age is osteoarthritis or rheumatism. This disease includes a whole series of degenerative diseases of the spine and other joints covered with synovial membrane. These are the inevitable consequences of aging. They begin with the gradual loss of cartilage and the frequent inflammation of the synovial membranes, the deterioration of the cartilage and the formation of bony manifestations. Pain is a companion of all these conditions, but it is not an indicator of the severity of the disease. Complaints can be pronounced even when the changes are initial (and confirmed X-ray) – say rheumatologists and physical medicine specialists.

Today, direct and alternating current are used in treatment

By modulating the current, various healing effects are achieved. Direct current is galvanic according to the Italian physician Luigi Galo. It is well transmitted by water, lymph and blood. This phenomenon is used for electrophoresis treatment. Due to the action of the galvanic current, the aqueous solutions of the drugs penetrate through the skin of the diseased part of the body, where they are deposited and gradually act. The advantage of electrophoresis is bypassing the passage of drugs through the digestive organs and the liver, thus avoiding liver damage. Direct currents can be interrupted by periods of flow of electrical impulses and pauses. Currents modulated in this way also include so-called diadynamic currents. Their use was promoted by the French dentist Pierre Bernard. The skin feels burning, vibrating and the so-called “walking of ants” during the action of these currents. They are used in the treatment of pain without a pronounced inflammatory state (most often against neuralgia, lumbar and cervical syndrome, arthrosis and mild arthritis).
Interference current is created by the crossing of medium-frequency currents. This current was modulated more than half a century ago by the Austrian physicist Hans Nemek. The latest generations of therapeutic devices with interference current produce pulses that spread evenly in the tissues. This achieves a better therapeutic effect. They are used for the treatment of intense pain in the joints, relaxation of muscles, acceleration of bone healing, restoration of peripheral nerves, treatment of lumbar and cervical syndrome and sports injuries. They can also be used in the area of ​​metal implants.

The doctor chooses the best and fastest method for treating patients
In recent decades, trans-acute electrical simulation (TENS) with modulated pulse current has been used to treat pain. Pain is reduced bilaterally by applying this type of current. When selecting frequencies from 20 to 200 Hertz, the current is transmitted (via nerve endings in the skin) to the spinal cord, where it blocks pain. Stopping the pain is quick and lasts 2 hours. By choosing a frequency from 2 to 10 Hertz, the current in the tissues releases endorphins and enkephalins, opiates (similar to morphine) that directly reduce pain. The action is slower, but the effect lasts up to 4 hours. It is used for the treatment of various disease syndromes of joints and muscles, pain in the bones of pregnant women, possibly childbirth or menstrual pain.
The new portable devices are the size of a mobile phone
Frequencies are selected on these devices. It is convenient to apply it at home, at the workplace, so you can avoid sick leave or absence from work and daily trips to physical therapy. They are useful for alleviating severe pain in patients with malignant diseases in the terminal stage. You should choose these devices with a certificate when buying (because there are devices on the market whose operation has not been confirmed). Treatment at home can only be done in consultation with a specialist in physical medicine. Indications and contraindications have been established for this therapy as well (as for any other medicine). The doctor informs the patient about this. Unwanted effects can be avoided by careful application.


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