Let each person be in harmony with his/her own personality and always expect the best from life

Let each person be in harmony with his/her own personality and always expect the best from life
Today, there are many internet and print media and TV channels that emphasize the importance of positivism and optimism for each individual. Some say that this is fine, but optimism and positivism “will not pay the monthly bills” or “be a meal for hungry mouths”. However, optimists know that with a bright view of the world, they do not spend precious energy on doubt and fear of difficulties, but on solving real life problems. Optimists are healthier, more successful and more satisfied. Clinical psychologists often discuss whether optimists are born with innate optimism or whether optimism is acquired with age.
It is not good to start something new just because of the New Year
This is similar to using a diet to lose weight – I start next Monday – is a common phrase. The attitude of the majority that they start something new immediately from January 1 and the like is included in the decisions that are mostly not realized later (because most often they do not arise from the need to change something). Thus, despondent attempts end in failure, disappointment and confirmation of the point of view that something cannot be done and is not worth the effort of the individual and similar explanations. That’s why it’s always better for people long before the New Year, and optionally with this date, to turn to pleasure and something that gives hope and provides a good mood.
Everything is in our hands
People should first stop looking at events with pessimism. Admittedly, this also depends on the structure of the personality, which is influenced by genetics and on experiences in early childhood. A person will draw only good from every event if he gained the infinite trust of his mother, or father, or a close family member in early childhood. If a person is actually a child of unsatisfied needs, then he loses faith in his own personality and the world around him. If a person is constantly surrounded by a home atmosphere full of fears, worries and negativity, then reality will be perceived as difficult (with the belief that any success will eventually fail anyway). In fact, parents define the world for the child. If the world is defined as difficult, then the conclusion follows that everything will always be negative for the child and will inevitably repeat itself later.
Fortunately, changes from negative to positive are possible
A person should first look at the sources of dissatisfaction and really work on it – try to constantly correct (change) the sources of negativity. Every person will decorate their home, workplace, environment if they want to make it look nicer. A pleasant corner can be created even in the worst housing units/conditions. The people in the environment are even more important than the environment. People with heavy and depressed thoughts constantly use negations and gloomy words, while positive-minded people give more energy and pleasure to others around them.
A person should both give and ask
The individual needs to state clearly and loudly what is necessary instead of whining about neglect and misunderstanding. And mostly few people ask for something because they have been taught that it is not nice to ask. People are also taught to refuse, but you have to be wise and understand that if someone doesn’t give us something, it doesn’t mean that that person doesn’t love us. We need to make a selection of what we can get from whom (in the material and emotional sense) because it saves all later disappointments in friends and partners. It often happens that a person persistently asks for something from others even though he cannot get it. Thus, she confirms her own belief that she is unloved. It is always our own opinion about our own being, about the environment, friends and family that creates the overall feeling of a person.
Thinking about beautiful things helps a person feel more pleasant and relaxed
If an individual is well, then that individual functions well, so good things will happen. It’s a positive cycle. Something bad happens to a person in a negative circle, which they experience with difficulty and because of which that person feels even worse. There is a popular proverb – that the sun comes after the rain. A lot of times something bad ends up being positive.
Success and failure alternate, and failure does not mean losing the battle of life
It is important that failure of any kind does not disrupt the overall positive belief of the individual. Socializing is also important. Communicative people can handle life crises more easily.
Therefore, in everyday life, every person should look for only positivism. Ask the child what was good (instead of what was not good today) but also other close people and what could be even better today. It is true that an individual cannot control all of life’s circumstances, although each individual can still control most of them. Thus, positive thinking can become a routine and a useful habit for all of us – which will give positive results in the end.


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