Glasses with tinted (perforated) lenses or “Vision fix” glasses

Glasses with tinted (perforated) lenses or “Vision fix”
The eyes are the “window to the world”. Unfortunately, many of us only realize this fact when our eyes begin to fail. The clarity of the objects we are looking at will be amazing if the condition of the muscles (which move the eyeballs) is in good shape. Visual acuity is lost if this function is disturbed – This is how myopia or farsightedness arise – explain ophthalmologists and workers from optical shops. These deficiencies are compensated for by wearing dioptric glasses (or contact lenses) that enable the light beam to be properly focused. At the same time, prescription glasses make the eyes “spoiled”, which results in a constant increase in diopters.
This fact led the eye doctor from New York William Beiz to create a program of certain exercises for the eyes at the beginning of the 20th century. Due to lack of time, however, a small number of people opted for this program/exercises. Many years passed until the “Vision fix” glasses appeared – as an auxiliary optical tool for eye muscle training. The advantage of these glasses is that they can be used during normal daily activities.
Vision fix glasses have a dark, non-transparent perforated field of vision.
The role of these holes is to increase the frequency of eye muscle movements. They force the eye to “jump” from hole to hole to take in the entire image. Dioptric glasses take over the function of the eye muscles, while “vision fix” glasses do not have this function. Vision fix with eye gymnastics engages them to become stronger and sharper vision over time. However, the inventors point out that these glasses are not miraculous and cannot solve vision problems overnight. Persistence and time are necessary for any new positive shift. It is recommended to continue exercising even when the vision improves.
These glasses should be worn for 5 to 10 minutes several times during the day while reading, watching TV or while working on the computer.
It is recommended to use vision fix glasses with stronger lighting because the dark parts of the glasses reduce the amount of light. Glasses with emo can be worn without fear of causing unwanted effects. Please note that positive results cannot be expected if vision is impaired due to diabetes, high blood pressure, cataracts and glaucoma. Glasses will also not suit people who have a disorder of the balance center. The instructions say that a person should not skip regular ophthalmological examinations. Ophthalmologists agree that these glasses cannot harm people, but they do not believe too much that they provide much help.
Procedures that improve vision are clearly defined and medically tested
This is what ophthalmologists say. There are many physiological and surgical methods that are used to improve vision. There are special exercises for coordinating eye muscle work, but vision fix is ​​not in that group. However, some ophthalmologists do not see any scientific support that vision fix glasses can strengthen the work of the eye muscles. However, no ophthalmologist in the world has yet recommended these glasses. No comment is needed anymore. Each individual should decide to seek advice/help from experts or to believe the praises of various manufacturers, which are often far from scientific foundation.

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