The mountain flower “Frost Sister” is best admired from afar

The mountain flower “Frost Sister” is best admired from afar
After the summer ends, nature begins to slowly prepare for autumn, winter and snow-white blankets. Then the mountain hills and pastures are covered with a beautiful pink flower “frost sister” which is best admired from afar.
Colchicum or Frost Sister flower has the Latin name – Colchicum autumnale L. The flowers of this plant will already decorate the fields of mountain hills and meadows from the beginning of autumn. This perennial plant has hyacinth-like leaves. Purple or white flowers open in autumn and leaves only in spring. The “sister of frost” flower (which blooms in spring) produces both a flower (which can be pink, purple, white or yellow) and a leaf at the same time. A cocoon is formed with the leaves, which contains the seeds.
The “frost sister” flower forms a bulb in the soil, from which 1 to 3 flowers emerge in autumn.
This flower is beautiful but not harmless
On the contrary, this is a rather dangerous flower because it contains alkaloids (colchicine and colchicine), poisonous substances mostly contained in the seeds. That is why Frost sister is considered one of the most poisonous plants in the Balkan region.
The seeds and bulbs are still used in folk medicine
The seeds and bulb of the plant are used for medicinal purposes, i.e. to relieve gout pain. Today, it is known that colchicine is extremely toxic, so no one recommends it for treatment. In larger doses, it causes poisoning that is similar to arsenic poisoning according to the symptoms. This plant is dangerous in direct contact, but also in an indirect way if it is found in the milk of goats, sheep or cows that feed and stay in the mountain pastures and meadows where this plant grows. That is why it is said that the “sister of frost” flower is best admired from afar.

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