The Welsh corgi is a dog of steely health

The Welsh corgi is a dog of steely health
The Welsh corgi is Queen Elizabeth’s pet. The history of the Welsh corgi is very long and rather hazy. In the canine world, this type of dog is known and recognized in 2 varieties – cardigan and rembroke. This race, created by the Celts, is today counted among the English. Thanks to Flemish weavers, this dog arrives on the British Isles. In 1107, King Henry I invited the Flemish weavers to visit. It is recorded that these lovely dogs sat quietly for hours at the feet of the Flemish artisans who were weaving at the time. Some others are of the opinion that this dog has its origin from Spitz. It is certain that in 1934, King George gave Queen Elizabeth of England a pair of Welsh corgi dogs, which she enthusiastically accepted. These cheerful dogs have been residents of royal estates ever since. The queen is not separated from the dogs, so they got the epithet “queen’s dogs”.
The Welsh corgi is small in size, up to 30 cm tall and weighs around 10 kg, but it has the heart and spirit of a large shepherd dog. He has short legs and a solid body. It has lively eyes and an elongated muzzle. It has large and characteristic, but always upright, pointed ears. This is an extremely clean dog because it bathes itself, so it is easy to care for it.
Corgy has steel health, so it can be in the house and apartment.
He is happiest when he has work duties like all working dogs. A dog is happy when it has company for long walks and games. This dog is a great individualist in a small version. He has a volcanic temperament. Learning this type of dog is easy and fast. Education and learning should begin in the first months of life. Otherwise, this dog can be very stubborn and headstrong and ready to bite a person when something is not to their liking.
Nevertheless, a corgi is an ideal dog for a large family if it learns good behavior and other manners in time
Corgy is a good guardian, attached to the owner, always ready to play with children and cuddle with the elderly. That is why it is mostly used in pet therapy.
In the thirties of the 20th century and due to minimal differences in appearance, Welsh terriers were divided into 2 types – cardigan and rembroke. The cardigan has a beautiful and ornate tail. The tail of the Rembroke type of dog is cut off immediately after birth. Cardigan has short and dense hair that can be multicolored. Rembroke has silkier and slightly longer hair, mostly brown. Reddish or a combination of several colors. Corgy is a long-lived dog, mostly up to 15 years of age. There are more than 8 little ones in the litter, often 12, which is not a problem for a female corgi. The female will groom the dogs and take care of the offspring independently if necessary.

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