Unreasonable depression is a solvable psychological problem

Unreasonable depression is a solvable psychological problem
Fear is the most natural situation when a person is in immediate danger. Fear carries the message that a person is running away or fighting. Anxiety is a problem related to fear. It includes a series of psychological states accompanied by constant fear of non-existent danger. It is an unpleasant feeling of indefinite floating fear that causes restlessness, tension, irritability, excessive excitement and often physical reactions (stomach pain, tightness in the throat, pressure in the chest, etc.). Nature has gifted people with both conditions in the form of preparation for unexpected situations or threatening situations. However, these conditions often do not help but help a person to really solve real life situations.
Anxiety is more of a hint that something unpleasant could threaten the existing situation.

These are mentally healthy people who consider life’s obstacles dangerous or then withdraw. Such people can have the best human qualities, be successful, well-adapted, enterprising, correct, considerate, but they still feel a constant restlessness because of which they lose strength and become irritable, say psychologists.
Anxiety is a great burden that is not always easy to overcome with psychological mechanisms. For individuals, constant inner restlessness turns into an intense experience of fear that something terrible will happen. This condition lasts for a certain time and passes spontaneously. Calming occurs after an attack. Irritability and excessive worry are constantly present between 2 episodes of fear, which these people need because it brings the discharge of accumulated tension. Such anxiety can become a brake in everyday life, especially if it is accompanied by pronounced physical reactions (suffocation, headache, weakness, interrupted sleep, etc.).
Constant real tension, impatience, anxiety and various physical reactions lead such people to seek medical/medical help. Medical tests can also find possible organic causes, then the doctor recommends psychotherapy. The help of a psychologist is also sought by anxious people who feel unexplained depression or mood swings. Because of these conditions, they usually become hypersensitive to their surroundings, easily enter into conflicts or cannot resolve difficulties with their spouses and children, or cannot establish lasting love relationships and close contacts.
Young people in most families today are raised to get what they want immediately. Tolerance for pleasure grows, hindering the development of necessary traits and initiative in building the meaning of life. Lack of effort and reduced tolerance for effort encourages the development of manipulation to satisfy the most common surrogate needs. However, these surrogate needs can never be satisfied no matter how hard a person tries. There is no feeling of security, self-esteem, balance, and an inner emptiness arises.
Young people with real problems are also not spared from anxiety.

They are usually brought up to set high and strict criteria expecting high moral actions from all persons. Responsible and honest and faced with various forms of manipulative behavior (due to which perseverance, hard work and qualities of a person are not valued) – they then feel powerless. This strictness influences you to evaluate your own personality as less valuable – regardless of successes and achievements.
Psychotherapy can greatly help in overcoming different types of anxiety, from which no one is spared.

Psychotherapy helps people face an idealized view of life, evaluate and understand reality, and harmonize expectations from the environment and their own being, psychologists say.
This is achieved by gaining insight into one’s own capabilities, by increasing tolerance to the demands of the environment by distinguishing the urgent from the important. Emotions should be invested in vital values ​​by creating a healthy ambition that will harmonize reality and possibilities. The essence of psychotherapy is to help people accept their own being as it is.

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