Every sportsman-person with a disability is always a moral winner in the sport he plays


Every sportsman-person with a disability is always a moral winner in the sport he plays
By competing in various sports disciplines, people with health problems have the opportunity to prove themselves, get rid of anxiety and become happy and satisfied people again.
People with health problems usually win some medals in various sports disciplines at European and world competitions. These people are heroically fighting for international recognition and awards despite narrow disadvantages. However, much greater success consists in something else.
Every person with health problems and handicaps is at least a moral winner because he overcomes his own handicap and overcomes the limits of an unsafe world often cocooned in 4 walls. At the same time, their achievements are a strong incentive for others to face their own problems and, not being ashamed of their own shortcomings, also start playing some kind of sport.
This is necessary because sport is an important link in the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Strengthens motor skills. Sport lifts up the shaky morale and connects people. Everyone has a chance with sport to prove themselves, achieve and release fear, tension and complexes and become a happy and satisfied person again. However, sport is curative only if a person has motivation and sets realistic goals in front of him in line with his capabilities and remaining functions. A person can also achieve a counter-effect if he wants to achieve the best results at any cost. Then a person can completely sink – say specialists in clinical psychology and psychotherapists.
Top sport for people with disabilities around the world includes a large number of disciplines. Hockey, alpine skiing, archery, swimming, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, volleyball for the blind and partially sighted, judo, cycling, table tennis, equestrian sports, sailing…etc. The percentage of participants at the European and world championships, as well as at the Paralympic Games (which are held in the same place as the regular Olympic Games – just one week later) is not far behind the usual sports competitions. In some countries, the sport of people with disabilities is unfortunately in an unenviable position. There is sometimes great disunity between the organizations that gather people with disabilities, the status of trainers is unresolved and it is difficult to provide a training room. It is also necessary to have the exact number and data on the percentage of people with disabilities, although unofficial estimates are usually given. The Ministries of Education and Sports often help these organizations as well as non-governmental organizations and various sponsors.
The positive energy and cheerful competitive spirit among athletes/persons with disabilities are fascinating. Even healthy people have a hard time accepting the changes that aging brings, so it is understandable that people with different degrees of disability do not find it easy to overcome this handicap. That is why these people should not be left to their own fate. The support of the family and the whole society is needed. These are mentally and emotionally healthy people full of strength. These sportsmen (people with disabilities) should be provided with aids and prosthetic extensions, these people should be brought back to life, and this is best achieved with sports. Sitting volleyball is somehow a sports discipline with the highest perspective.


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