The advantages of gold fashion statement are shine and sparkle

The advantages of gold fashion statement are shine and sparkle
Fashion and fashion accessories made of pure or artificial gold do not depend on the economic or political situation, but on the fashion wishes and fashion ambitions of the individual in the fashion world.
The golden age of powerful ancient civilizations has passed, but the golden age in the world of fashion is always current and modern. At least that’s what fashion connoisseurs and creators claim. Everything can be gilded (clothes, shoes, jewelry, bijouterie, but also furniture). In the beautifully arranged windows of stores around the world, you can see everything from gold-gold covers for decorative pillows of all shapes, brocade curtains made of thick golden brocade, brass ashtrays and vases, candlesticks and other details made of shiny gold-colored materials with a high shine.
Both autumn and winter can be in the color of gold
Winter coats, for example, will not be made of shiny golden materials, but autumn-winter jackets can be like that. There are quite a few models made of artificial materials in all shades of gold, from old gold to copper-gold and even brown-gold shades. These are mostly jackets combined with fur collars. Coats made of common fabrics can be refreshed with new fashion details (golden buttons, golden hairpins, gold-colored threads, etc.). The same such details can be present on sandals, shoes and boots or bags. Leather shoes or boots with plenty of straps with gold buckles or buckles or gold decorative threads. For formal occasions, all shoes are made of golden leather. Cowboy boots in a combination of gold and reptile skin can be seen with everyday fashion clothes. Even sports shoes are often made of golden leather or with some details made of shiny gold material.
With such golden shoes, bags and purses made of golden material are suitable. They can be enriched with gold leather details, buckles, buckles, buckles and other parts of fittings made of golden shiny material or completely made of gold material.
At one time, Louis Vuitton proposed a combination that was followed by many manufacturers of clothing and footwear and leather goods: a modern leopard pattern with details of gold leather in a python texture. they suggest something or that the person sticks to his own taste. The golden belt does not miss the belts, which can be wide enough to cover the entire width of the waist or just narrow but golden or in a combination of gold and multi-colored leather, necessarily with high-gloss buckles.
Today’s day clothes are irresistibly reminiscent of evening clothes
During the 60s of the 20th century, golden fashion options were worn exclusively in evening toilets, at celebrations and the most solemn occasions. Today and during the day, you can see a lot of people in gold-colored clothes, for example, a cotton blouse with gold details or a dress made of golden lamé that shines and sparkles.
Fashion tricks also suggest sweaters knitted from golden synthetic threads or scarves with long fringes from the same yarn. They are worn in the usual combinations.
According to fashion rules, golden tones go well with black. They look fresh and optimistic with white, they look energetic with orange and yellow, they look very elegant with dark brown, purple and dark green. Although the color red looks attractive in combination with golden shades, this combination is a bit too strong and striking, so a person should be more careful when choosing fashion options and dosing red and gold colors.
People who have a fuller figure should avoid gold parts of clothing and a wardrobe of striking colors and patterns. But the combination of gold and matte shades can hide some disproportion of the body very well – a narrow torso and a flat bust appear larger if the blouse is shiny, narrow hips will look more rounded if the spoon is golden, thin calves will be visually fuller if the piping on the edge of golden leather boots and similar.
And the amount of gold jewelry has some rules
Jewelry designers suggest many rows of gold chains around the neck, necklaces combined with metal and glass balls of all sizes, bracelets and many gold pendants. It is preferable to take only one piece of costume jewelry from the proposed one so as not to create the impression of overcrowding. Original gold jewelry also tolerates a combination of a bracelet and a necklace, but nothing more than that. Display of all types of jewelry is reserved only for mannequins in shop windows.

And makeup loves golden shades
Beauticians suggest golden shades on the eyelids, which can be of various colors and shades of gold. With these selections, pearlescent-golden blushes go well together. Gold makeup will not work well if the eyelid is droopy, folded or with a lot of wrinkles. It will only highlight irregularities even though experienced women already know that. The younger ones can without fear use all the golden shades that the golden era of fashion always offers.

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