Carrot promotes hair growth and is an ideal vegetable for summer face care

Carrot promotes hair growth and is an ideal vegetable for summer face care
Carrot contains essential oil, fatty oil and color-carotene (provitamin A), sugar, mineral salts, vitamins B, H and E, pantothenic acid, pectin, mucilage, asparagine and others. Carrots do not play a big role in cosmetic purposes, but they are an ideal vegetable for all kinds of face masks and general facial care. Carrots promote hair growth very well.

  1. Mask for cleaning pores – grate 100 grams of carrot and 100 grams of pumpkin. Let it stand for a while at room temperature. Squeeze out the juice. Mix the resulting juice with the same amount of yogurt. The acid of yogurt tightens the open pores on the face. First, steam your face over warm salt water. Then apply the mask by rubbing it with a piece of gauze or cotton cloth. Leave for half an hour. Rinse with warm water. Use the mask once a week.
  2. Mask against wrinkles on the face – mix the pulp of two finely grated carrots with one spoonful of potato flour and one egg yolk. Clean your face beforehand and apply the resulting mask. Let the mask work for about half an hour. Wash your face with warm and then cold water. This mask nourishes, refreshes and irons out wrinkles on the face. This mixture is well tolerated by all skin types. The mask can be used several times a month.
  3. Carrot juice is an excellent natural sun blocker. Beta-carotene (which is converted into vitamin A in the body) helps to regenerate skin tissue. Provides protection from harmful sun rays. Antioxidants and carotenoids protect the skin from burns and the sun, but also strengthen the immune system. Daily snacking on carrots for two to two and a half months has been shown to be effective in protecting the skin from the sun. The protective effect increases with the length of consumption.
  4. Soothing carrot skin spray – great for days spent outdoors where the body is exposed to the sun. Dust or polluted air. Add 2 dcl of rose water to 3 dcl of carrot juice. Put the contents in a dark spray bottle. It can be used for face and body. It works against heat, skin spots and sunburn.
  5. Fresh carrots on the face – carrots are rich in potassium, the lack of which is one of the causes of dry skin. It increases hydration, so it is excellent for dry skin and sensitive facial skin. Grate a fresh carrot and put it on your face. This is enough to refresh and nourish the skin.
  6. Mask for refreshing and hydrating dry skin – mix two teaspoons of grated carrot in a blender. Add one spoonful of honey, one spoonful of soy or oat cream and a few drops of olive oil. Mix by hand until you get a smooth mixture. Keep the mask on a clean face for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water.
  7. Mask against acne and pimples on the skin – cut the peeled watermelon and carrot into small slices. Leave the juice alone. You need 100 g of watermelon juice, 100 g of cucumber juice and 100 g of mulberry juice. Mix equal amounts of squeezed juice. You have received an excellent homemade lotion that heals acne and pimples on the skin. It also reduces wrinkles. Use this mild lotion to treat your face. For men (whose skin is sensitive to shaving), this lotion will help to refresh the face after shaving. Reduces red spots and pimples.
  8. Mask for better hair growth – carrot stimulates hair growth and prevents hair breakage. Banana makes hair supple and silky. Clean and finely chop one carrot and one banana. Add a little olive oil. Mix until you get a thick mixture that should not be too thick. Put the mask on your scalp and wash your hair with shampoo after half an hour.

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