A positive combination of energies and colors for every home

A positive combination of energies and colors for every home
There are interesting details according to Feng shui philosophy-related to the arrangement of the home with which the energies in the home can be properly combined and at the same time get the maximum from such good energy vibrations. Each person touches various objects and things in their own home every day and even several times. Human energy from the body and energy from these objects are combined. Thus, with the right combination, good conditions can be created in the home and life for an unhindered flow of good energy and ensuring the well-being and safety of the home.

  1. It is first necessary to clean the home in general and keep it tidy. Work and any tasks in the home always start from the left to the right.
  2. A crowded space in the home creates communication problems and produces bad energy vibrations. It’s not good to have too much empty space either. A home is made up of people and its inhabitants, so it is best to find the “golden mean” and thus get a harmonious home.
  3. If you have a constant need to leave your home or some room where you don’t feel well, this is a sign that that space needs to be supplemented or refined and brought joy. This is achieved by placing details that symbolize “a pleasant stay in the room and invite you to stay in that room”. Liven up the space with details and objects that you will always be happy to return to.
  4. Exaggeration with earthy colors in the home brings a person back to past events and constantly evokes the past.
  5. Keep salt lamps (Himalayan lamps), lamps and candlesticks in the home. Himalayan salt is an excellent tool that solves and reduces headaches, migraines, strengthens concentration and at the same time promotes good and quality interpersonal relationships. The salt is kept in a container on the floor and can be sprinkled in the corners of the room.
  6. Coarse sea salt collects negative energy. It can be kept in commercial (working) and residential premises. Place coarse sea salt and water in a glass jar or container. Leave it like that.
  7. Gong and wind chimes should be kept near the entrance door. This is how heavenly sounds are activated.
  8. For new friendships, it is good to keep apples on a plate in one of the rooms of the home.
  9. Feng shui holds a symbol or image of a dragon for the lord of the east of the home. It helps for new opportunities in business career. It shouldn’t be in the bedroom.
  10. Glass walls and generally large glass surfaces are associated with nature and the outdoors, although great caution is needed here. Too much glass causes fatigue.
  11. The image of an elderly person attracts longevity. The image of a waterfall evokes a successful career. An image with fiery colors helps to gain reputation. The image of a young and green tree encourages abundance. The image of the phoenix helps create a broad life path.
  12. It is desirable to have a picture of rainbow colors (rainbow) in the home. Pictures like this always make people happy. The seven colors of the rainbow symbolize magic and a new and more beautiful life.

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