Science still has no explanation for the appearance of a negative Rh factor

Science still has no explanation for the appearance of a negative Rh factor
On the surface of erythrocytes are proteins that are specific for each blood group. Blood group A has one type of protein, B another, AB has both types of protein, and group zero has none. Proteins determine which blood group a person belongs to. There is another type that is found in the blood cells of some people, while others do not.
This protein is called the Rh factor (or “rhesus factor”) after the monkey species in which it was first found. People who have it in their cells are Rh positive. People who do not have this protein in their cells are Rh negative.
Many recent studies confirm the theory that people with a negative blood group are “holy people” or not from this planet Earth. Admittedly, science does not yet have an explanation for the appearance of a negative Rh factor. There have been numerous ambiguities related to people’s blood groups for decades. Conspiracy theorists are more and more satisfied with each new discovery. So far, there is no scientific explanation about the origin of blood groups with a negative Rh factor, despite the efforts of many experts. About 85% of people with a positive Rh factor carry monkey genes. The remaining 15% of people with a negative Rh factor have alien or divine genes according to conspiracy theorists.
Research shows that people with a negative Rh factor have a higher IQ, some special powers (for example, clairvoyance) and are often born with an extra vertebra or an extra rib.
The oldest blood type is zero invitation (0+), according to research
The zero negative blood group was created around 35,000 years ago, while the A blood group was created around 20,000 years ago. Blood group B appeared 10,000 years ago, and blood group AB appeared around 1,500 years ago. Genetics believes that a person can only inherit the genes (traits) of their ancestors, while cases of mutation are an exception. Accordingly, each person has only a combination of traits inherited from their ancestors.
If man and ape are descended from the same ancestor, then their blood should also develop equally
The conclusion that follows from the title of the paragraph is that modern man and ape once upon a time had the same ancestor because both species have the same Rh factor (positive). Then the question arises about the origin of the Rh negative factor. Some explanations say that it is a product of mutation or that other beings from another planet were involved in the production. The Rh factor is not a common evolutionary phenomenon. It actually pops out of any possible anomaly (because it has been scientifically proven that blood is not subject to any mutations). From this comes the conclusion that the negative Rh factor did not arise naturally during the development of the human race.
Many pre-Christian records mention a celestial race
From these records it is evident that the celestial race created man in its own image. They were described as long-lived gods with miraculous powers. In the same records, it is mentioned that these gods flew in metal ships from which fire came out, but also that they had advanced technology with which they built massive buildings. Some supporters of the conspiracy theory believe that primitive man saw these beings as gods, emphasizing that they were actually primitive people.
About 18,000 Sumerian clay tablets have been found in Iraq
On the found clay tablets it is written that a group of gods (Anunnaki) genetically altered the human race. Their symbol is 2 intertwined snakes that represent the double helix of human DNA. This symbol is still recognizable today and is used in modern science, for medical and other purposes. This idea also exists in the Bible: “And when people began to multiply on Earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw the beautiful daughters of God and took them as wives and they bore them sons.”
The American portal Ancestral Memory describes these gods and the entire mentioned topic very well
In the article of the American portal Ancestral Memory, it is stated that ancient stories and records tell us a lot. It is obvious that the mentioned gods had advanced technology. They knew a lot about atomic energy and weapons. Conspiracy theorists claim that we still have this evidence today (for example, the pyramids that have not yet been fully explained). It is assumed that the gods, using their enviable knowledge, also dealt a lot with genetics. The American portal says that the first humans were the product of two (genetically similar) unrelated species. The combination of the DNA of primates and gods created 3 prototypes of man. Each species made more and more progress. The last or third prototype man is today’s modern man. That last man was allegedly created as a combination of the genetic material of the proto-man and the gods-created in a laboratory. People with a negative Rh factor inherited the traits from their own divine parents. That is why they are considered holy people.

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