Brooch – the history of a small product but an eternally favorite fashion detail

Brooch – the history of a small product but an eternally favorite fashion detail

A brooch is a small-format product that has been used to fasten clothes since ancient times. Today, brooches also have the purpose of fashion decoration. Fashion-conscious people in today’s technological world do not pay much attention to beautiful brooches. Nevertheless, this small fashion accessory still has importance in the fashion world.
The history of the appearance of the first brooches dates back to the distant past, when people began to wear capes (and other warmer clothing) that needed to be strengthened somehow. Buttons and zippers came into use later.
The original clothing fasteners were usually made from a piece of bone or stick with a clay (or stone) tip. Thorns and spines from plants were used. Later came the Bronze Age marked by the development of science. People started using metal. Hat pins appeared. They had the purpose of brooches. Then appeared the progenitors of modern brooches with locks. Fasteners of modern design appeared in Scandinavia, Hungary, northern Germany and later throughout Eurasia.
The main purpose of the brooch was to fasten cloaks, fur coats and capes.

The massive pin of the brooch quickly tore clothes, so craftsmen tried to make thin and sophisticated pins. Soon, more delicate options of brooches with thin but efficient needles appeared.
Brooches were gradually decorated with stones. Thus, they showed the social status of the person wearing the brooch. In the Middle Ages, there was a belief that the brooch protected the wearer from evil spirits/eyes. Today, the brooch is accessible to everyone, although earlier brooches could only be afforded by aristocrats and richer people.
The main purpose of the brooch is to add a touch of elegance to every combination.
A brooch is a fashion accessory that will go well with a blouse, jacket, shirt, blazer, dress, bags for everyday occasions as well as festive events.
For example, a brooch can be made from old pieces of jewelry in combination with cloth buttons, various beads, and the like. It takes a lot of time, effort and patience to make one brooch (because the details and materials are small and tiny). For inspiration, one can use one’s own imagination and creativity or the wishes of customers who want to give the final product a moment of personal and unique stamp.

The message to all current and future creatives is to never give up on your wishes and dreams and your life’s goal.

The desire to achieve the goal will be an additional strength until, in the end, everything envisioned comes true. It is important to be persistent and never give up. Desire, will, courage and persistence are qualities that every person has, only these qualities sometimes need to be brought out of “dormancy”.

Some of the most expensive and most beautiful brooches:
1. Cartier brooch– in 2014, as part of the May sale of exclusive jewelry (which is traditionally organized in Geneva by auction houses Sotheby’s and Christie’s), a brooch was sold for 17.8 million dollars. The brooch was made by Cartier in 1912 (for the director of a diamond mine owned by De Beers). It is considered one of the most beautiful pieces of Art Nouveau jewelry in the world.
2.The brooch of Evgenia Montijo (wife of Napoleon III) is one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry. The brooch is Napoleon’s gift to Evgenia.
3. The Diamond Peacock brooch is a decoration of only 10 centimeters and one of the most expensive items in the world. It is made by Graff Diamonds jewelry, which creates luxurious, beautiful and expensive items. The brooch has the shape of a peacock with an open tail. It contains over 1300 white, yellow, blue and orange diamonds. Their total weight is 120.81 carats. At the tip of each feather is a white diamond in the shape of a flower bud. A smaller diamond in the shape of a dark blue pear is set in the center of the brooch and weighs up to 20.02 carats. It can be removed from the brooch and worn as a pendant. The price of the jeweled brooch is 100 million dollars.

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